Author : Stephen E. Ambrose
ISBN : 9781624671098
Genre : History
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Stephen E. Ambrose draws upon extensive sources, an unprecedented degree of scholarship, and numerous interviews with Eisenhower himself to offer the fullest, richest, most objective rendering yet of the soldier who became president. He gives us a masterly account of the European war theater and Eisenhower's magnificent leadership as Allied Supreme Commander. Ambrose's recounting of Eisenhower's presidency, the first of the Cold War, brings to life a man and a country struggling with issues as diverse as civil rights, atomic weapons, communism, and a new global role._x000D_ _x000D_ Along the way, Ambrose follows the 34th President's relations with the people closest to him, most of all Mamie, his son John, and Kay Summersby, as well as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Harry Truman, Nixon, Dulles, Khrushchev, Joe McCarthy, and indeed, all the American and world leaders of his time. This superb interpretation of Eisenhower's life confirms Stephen Ambrose's position as one of our finest historians._x000D_ _x000D_ "The best book to date on its subject . . . Of Eisenhower's high rank on the list of presidents there can be little doubt." _x000D_ - Robert J. Donovan
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Konfrontation Und Kooperation Im Kalten Krieg

Author :
ISBN : 9783322934727
Genre : Political Science
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Erstmals analysiert der Autor die bislang unabhängig voneinander behandelten Politikfelder Sicherheits- und Rüstungskontrollpolitik in der ersten Hälfte der fünfziger Jahre gemeinsam und setzt sie in kausalen Zusammenhang.
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Eisenhower And The Cold War Economy

Author : William M. McClenahan, Jr.
ISBN : 9781421402659
Genre : Business & Economics
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Throughout his two-term presidency, Dwight D. Eisenhower faced the challenge of managing a period of peacetime prosperity after more than two decades of depression, war, and postwar inflation. The essential issue he addressed was how the country would pay for the deepening Cold War and the extent to which such unprecedented peacetime commitments would affect the United States economy and its institutions. William M. McClenahan, Jr., and William H. Becker explain how Eisenhower’s beliefs and his experiences as a military bureaucrat and wartime and postwar commander shaped his economic policies. They explore the macro- and microeconomic policies his administration employed to finance the Cold War while adapting Republican ideas and Eisenhower's economic principles to new domestic and foreign policy environments. They also detail how Eisenhower worked with new instruments of government policy making, such as the Council of Economic Advisers and a strengthened Federal Reserve Board. In assessing his administration's policies, the authors demonstrate that, rather than focusing overwhelmingly on international political affairs at the expense of economic issues, Eisenhower’s policies aimed to preserve and enhance the performance of the American free market system, which he believed was inextricably linked to the successful prosecution of the Cold War. While some of the decisions Eisenhower made did not follow conservative doctrine as closely as many in the Republican Party wanted, this book asserts that his approach to and distrust of partisan politics led to success on many fronts and indeed maintained and buttressed the nation's domestic and international economic health. An important and original contribution, this examination of the Eisenhower administration's economic policy enriches our understanding of the history of the modern American economy, the presidency, and conservatism in the United States.
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Command And Control

Author : Eric Schlosser
ISBN : 9783406655968
Genre : Political Science
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Arkansas, 18. September 1980, abends: Bei Routinearbeiten an einer gefechtsbereiten Titan-II-Rakete rutscht einem Arbeiter ein Schraubenschlüssel aus der Hand. »O Mann, das ist nicht gut”, ist sein erster Gedanke. Das Missgeschick führt zu einer Kettenreaktion, der größte je gebaute Atomsprengkopf droht zu explodieren ... Weltweit sind Tausende von Atomsprengköpfen stationiert. Viele von ihnen werden rund um die Uhr gefechtsbereit gehalten, damit sie innerhalb einer Minute starten und eine unvorstellbare Verwüstung anrichten können. Was das für die Soldaten in den unterirdischen Bunkern heißt und welche Gefahren von den scharfen Atomwaffen ausgehen, ist uns kaum bewusst. Der Journalist und Bestseller-Autor Eric Schlosser deckt in diesem zeithistorischen Thriller auf der Grundlage von geheimen Unterlagen des Verteidigungsministeriums und Interviews mit Augenzeugen einen dramatischen Unfall in einem Atomwaffensilo der USA auf, der um ein Haar mehrere amerikanische Großstädte vernichtet hätte. In diesen Krimi einer am Ende gerade noch gelungenen Rettung flicht er die Geschichte der amerikanischen Atomrüstung ein. Er erzählt, wie Raketen und Sprengköpfe rund um die Uhr abschussbereit gehalten werden und wie die Menschen ticken, die ihr Leben für die Sicherheit der Massenvernichtungswaffen einsetzen. Eine spektakuläre Geschichte des Kalten Krieges und der Atomrüstung «von unten»: aus der Sicht der Soldaten in den Silos, die mit einem falschen Handgriff die Apokalypse auslösen können. «Atemberaubend, ... mitreißend ... Eric Schlosser verbindet profunde Informationen mit der Erzählung haarsträubender Details zu zahlreichen Unfällen und zeigt, dass auch die besten Kontrollsysteme nicht menschlichen Fehlern, Missgeschicken und der wachsenden technologischen Komplexität gewachsen sind.» Publisher’s Weekly »Ebenso anschaulich wie erschütternd ... Eine umfassende und beunruhigende Untersuchung über die Illusion der Sicherheit von Atomwaffen.” Kirkus Reviews «Die weltweiten Atwomwaffenarsenale sind nicht so sicher, wie sie sein sollten – das ist die Botschaft dieses faszinierenden und aufwühlenden Buches.» Lee H. Hamilton, ehemaliger Kongress-Abgeordneter der USA und Co-Vorsitzender der Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future
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A Companion To Post 1945 America

Author : Jean-Christophe Agnew
ISBN : 9781405123198
Genre : History
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A Companion to Post-1945 America is an original collection of 34 essays by key scholars on the history and historiography of Post-1945 America. Covers society and culture, people and movements, politics and foreign policy Surveys and evaluates the best scholarship on every important era and topic Includes book review section on essential readings
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Perfect Villains Imperfect Heroes

Author : Ronald Goldfarb
ISBN : 1931868069
Genre : History
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..."a compelling piece of work, strongly evocative of an era that seems, more and more, to have been one of the most extraordinary periods in our history . The unions, the mobs, the plots, the characters."Don DeLillo
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The Eisenhower Enigma

Author : John Romero
ISBN : 9781458208088
Genre : Fiction
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The year, 1953. Science fiction is now secret and immediate reality. The toughest general who ever lived is president of the United States. His only weapons --The US Air Force, the mysterious Majestic 12, and Oracle Alpha, a young woman of strange gifts. Beyond them all, his own intellect and wealth of military experience must prepare him, must ready the world, for a confrontation and future never imagined. The Eisenhower Enigma. “I always wanted a soldier’s life. The men I trained during World War I shipped to France immediately. My orders finally came in October, 1918. I longed to lead my unit into action. The war ended seven days before I was to sail for France. Now, my combat moment has come again.” President Dwight D. Eisenhower “Forty F-86 Sabrejet fighters stand ready to attack on Feb. 20. Since I gave the orders the dazzling capabilities of the enemy craft and the reach of their weapons has gnawed at my mind.” General Nathan Twining, USAF “My life changed in 1952, when General Twining sent me to Duke University to be tested for intuitive abilities by Dr. Joseph Rhine. On our last day I asked Dr. Rhine what he’d tell the Air Force. ‘Just what you intended,’ he said. I smiled. Free at last.” Oracle Alpha The code word “Valentine” ripped through Colonel Torres’ earphones. “Two ship integrity,” he shouted. “Kill the lights, follow me down to 500 feet.” The Sabres moved as one. But against an enemy ship ten times as fast, his stomach tightened as he prepared for his own death. Lt. Colonel “Mike” Torres, USAF
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Eisenhower Volume I

Author : Stephen E. Ambrose
ISBN : 9781476745862
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Stephen E. Ambrose draws upon extensive sources, an unprecedented degree of scholarship, and numerous interviews with Dwight D. Eisenhower himself to offer the fullest, richest, and most objective rendering yet of the soldier who became president. At various times in his life, Eisenhower was a soldier at wartime, the Chief of Staff, patron to the North American Treaty Organization, president of Columbia University, and the Supreme Commander of the United States. However, he was also a father, son, husband, and friend. This deeply personal biography concerns itself less with the “life and times” of Eisenhower and more on the man himself, his achievements and triumphs, failures and concerns, as well as his relationships with those closest to him. A charismatic leader with a high degree of intelligence, integrity, tremendous energy and a commitment to basic principles that drew soldiers, civilians, and foreigners alike to him, Eisenhower was also ambitious, sensitive to criticism, and avid sportsman who was terribly loyal to his friends and family. Ultimately, Ambrose presents a masterful portrait of Eisenhower that finely delves into his personal life during his presidency, the onset of the Cold war, and as the leader of a rapidly evolving nation struggling with issues as diverse as civil rights, atomic weapons, and a new global role. Ambrose shows what an extraordinary person Eisenhower was and the extent to which many who live in freedom today owe to him. This superb interpretation of Eisenhower's life confirms Stephen Ambrose's position as one of the nation’s finest historians.
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World War Ii In Literature For Youth

Author : Patricia Hachten Wee
ISBN : 0810853019
Genre : Education
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This comprehensive volume provides a wealth of information with annotated listings of more than 3,500 titles—a broad sampling of books on the war years 1939-1945. Includes both fiction and nonfiction works about all aspects of the war. Professional resources for educators aligned to the educational standards for social studies; technical references; periodicals and electronic resources; a directory of WWII museums, memorials, and other institutions; and topics for exploration complement this excellent library and classroom resource.
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John F Kennedy

Author : Robert Dallek
ISBN : 3570552209
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