Wiener Zeitschrift F R Die Kunde S Dasiens Und Archiv F R Indische Philosophie

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Contents include: G. Jan Meulenbeld, A Quest for Poison Trees in Indian Literature, Along with Notes on Some Plants and Animals of the Kautiliya Arthasastra; Eva Allinger, A Pala-Period Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita Manuscript Distributed Between Five Collections; Philipp Maas, The Concepts of the Human Body and Disease in Classical Yoga and Ayurveda; Cristina Pecchia, Is the Buddha Like "a Man in the Street"? Dharmakirti's Answer; Ernst Steinkellner, Further Remarks on the Compound avinabhavaniyama in the Early Dharmakirti; Ernst Steinkellner, Miszellen zur erkenntnistheoretisch-logischen Schule des Buddhismus X: Corrigenda 2 et addenda to Dharmakirti's Pramanaviniscaya. Chapters 1 and 2. Critically Edited by Ernst Steinkellner. Beijing-Vienna 2007 Am Institut fur Sudasien-, Tibet- und Buddhismuskunde der Universitat Wien gearbeitete Dissertationen Anzeigen Anschriften der Autoren Hinweise fur Autoren / Information for Authors Publications of the De Nobili Research Library Asienkundliche Publikationen der Osterreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.
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Author : Ernst Steinkellner
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Author : Dharmakīrti
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English summary: Dharmakirti's second fundamental treatise, the Pramanaviniscaya, contains a mature and comprehensive explanation of his epistemology and logic. The work of this influential Indian philosopher, active in the first half of the 7th century CE, consists of three chapters that are devoted, respectively, to the sources of knowledge and perception, to inference, and to proof. The first two chapters are presented here. An edition of the third chapter is under preparation by Pascale Hugon, Toru Tomabechi, and Tom Tillemans. Until recently this work was known only through its Tibetan translation. The present edition of the original Sanskrit text is based on two complete codices, three larger and one smaller fragment in the collection of photocopies of the Chinese Tibetology Research Center, Beijing, as well as a single folio from the National Archives, Kathmandu. Of this manuscript materials there are actually three complete codices available for the first two chapters. In addition to these codices, numerous citations and reports are adduced as secondary testimonies. The introduction not only describes the codices used for the present edition and the fragments relevant for the third chapter, but also introduces the secondary testimonies and explains their treatment. Preliminary conclusions about the stemma as based on the present text and explanations of the apparatus and editorial conventions conclude the introduction. In addition, the publication includes a bibliography, two appendices and indices. German description: Dharmakirtis zweites Hauptwerk, der Prama?aviniscaya, enthalt die ausgereifte und umfassende Darlegung seiner Erkenntnislehre und Logik. Das Werk dieses einflussreichen indischen Philosophen der ersten Halfte des 7. Jh. n.u.Z. besteht aus drei Kapiteln, die den Erkenntnisquellen und der Wahrnehmung, der Schluafolgerung, und dem Beweis gewidmet sind. Die beiden ersten Kapitel liegen hier vor. Die Edition des dritten Kapitels durch Pascale Hugon, Toru Tomabechi und Tom Tillemans ist z. Z. in Vorbereitung. Das Werk war bis vor kurzem nur durch seine tibetische Ubersetzung bekannt. Die vorgelegte Edition des originalen Sanskrit-Textes beruht auf zwei vollstandigen codices, drei groaeren und einem kleineren Fragmenten in der Kopiensammlung des Chinese Tibetology Research Center, Beijing, und einem einzelnen Blatt der national Archives, Kathmandu. Fur die ersten zwei Kapitel verfugen wir sogar uber drei codices. Neben diesen codices stehen zahlreiche Zitate und Referate als Sekundarzeugen. In der Einleitung werden nicht nur die fur die vorliegende Ausgabe relevanten codices beschrieben, sondern auch die fragmentarischen fur das dritte Kapitel. Dazu werden die Sekundarquellen vorgestellt und die Art ihrer Behandlung begrundet. Vorlaufige, nur auf den bearbeiteten Bereich bezogene Stemma-Bemerkungen sowie Erklarungen der Apparate und Konventionen schlieaen die Einleitung ab.
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The Search Of The Cradle Of Civilization

Author : Georg Feuerstein
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The book shows that the ancient Indians were no primitives but possessed a high spiritual culture, which not only influenced the evolution of the Western world in decisive ways but which still has much to teach us today. India`s archaic spirituality is codified in the rich symbols, metaphors, and myths of the magnificent Rig-Veda, which is shown to be much older than has been widely assumed by scholars. The present book also unravels the astonishing mathematical and astronomical code hidden in the Vedic hymns. Anyone interested in ancient cultural history, India, archaeo-astronomy, or spirituality will find this well-researched and cross-cultural work spellbinding and enriching.
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A Brief History Of India

Author : Alain Daniélou
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Daniélou's powerful rebuttal to the conventional view of India's history, which calls for a massive reevaluation of the history of humanity • Explores historical occurrences from each major time period starting with the first appearance of man 30,000 years ago • Couples the clarity and perspective of an outsider with the unique and specific knowledge of an insider • By the internationally recognized Hindu scholar and translator of The Complete Kama Sutra (200,000 copies sold) Alain Daniélou approaches the history of India from a new perspective--as a sympathetic outsider, yet one who understands the deepest workings of the culture. Because the history of India covers such a long span of time, rather than try to create an exhaustive chronology of dates and events, Daniélou instead focuses on enduring institutions that remain constant despite the ephemeral historical events that occur. His selections, synthesis, and narration create a thoroughly engaging and readable journey through time, with a level of detail and comprehensiveness that is truly a marvel. Because of the continuity of its civilization, its unique social system, and the tremendous diversity of cultures, races, languages, and religions that exist in its vast territory, India is like a history museum. Its diverse groups maintained their separate identities and never fully supplanted the culture and knowledge of their predecessors. Even today one may encounter in India primitive Stone Age people whose technology has remained at what is considered prehistoric levels. Thus Daniélou's examination of India reveals not only the diversity and historical events and trends of that country, but also the history of all mankind. Through Daniélou's history of India we learn from whence we came, what we have discovered over the years in the fields of science, arts, technology, social structures, religions, and philosophical concepts, and what the future may hold for us.
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Virtue Success Pleasure And Liberation

Author : Alain Daniélou
ISBN : 0892812184
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Exploring the fundamental concepts of the caste system, Alain Danielou addresses issues of race, individual rights, sexual mores, marital practices, and spiritual attainments. In this light, the author explains how Hindu society has served as a model for the realization of human potential, and exposes the inherent flaws and hypocrisies of our modern egalitarian governments.
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The Sanskrit Buddhist Literature Of Nepal

Author : Rajendralala Mitra
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This Elibron Classics title is a reprint of the original edition published by The Asiatic Society of Bengal in Calcutta, 1882.