Developing Active Learning In The Primary Classroom

Author : Anitra Vickery
ISBN : 9781446287217
Genre : Education
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Establishing an effective learning environment in the classroom requires a clear understanding of different teaching strategies that make children active participants in their own learning. This book explores a range of philosophies and strategies to develop active learning in primary education. It balances theory with practice to provide evidence-based guidance and suggestions for use in the classroom. Key topics include: Creating a supportive learning environment Developing the questioning skills of teachers and children Learning through assessment Developing thinking skills through curriculum subjects Active learning in early years education Philosophy for Children (P4C) Frameworks to promote thinking This is essential reading for professional studies modules on primary initial teacher education courses, including university-based (PGCE, PGDE, BA QTS, BEd), school-based (SCITT, School Direct) and employment-based routes into teaching. It also serves as a handbook for schools that are developing their approaches to active learning. Anitra Vickery works as senior lecturer in primary mathematics education and the Professional Studies Coordinator at Bath Spa University.
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Developing Literacy In The Primary Classroom

Author : Gary Woolley
ISBN : 9781473906228
Genre : Education
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Primary literacy involves many different learning processes, which can make it challenging to teach, particularly in diverse classroom environments. Combining an examination of theory and research with practical case studies and real examples of teaching practice, this book shows trainee and early career teachers how to engage and motivate children to develop a range of primary English skills. Chapters incorporate broader aspects of primary teaching such as active learning, self-regulation and assessment, and activities and discussion points explore how to apply important principles to your own teaching. Drawing from international research and aware of policy developments in different countries, the book covers key topics on primary teacher education courses, including: The foundations of reading, writing and oracy skills Planning, assessment and classroom organisation Using new technologies and social media as tools for learning Engaging with the literacy needs of diverse learners. This is essential reading for students on university-based and school-based courses preparing to teach in primary education, and early career teachers seeking to continue their professional learning. Dr Gary Woolley is senior lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.
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Serious Players In The Primary Classroom

Author : Selma Wassermann
ISBN : 0807739863
Genre : Education
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After 10 years of accolades for Serious Players in the Primary Classroom: Empowering Children Through Active Learning Experiences, Selma Wassermann provides readers with a second edition to her classic. Building on the original work, this new edition offers further insight into Wassermann's notion of organizing for instruction known as "Play-Debrief-Replay, a way of structuring curriculum experiences to promote children's active learning in cooperative groups and to foster independent thinking. The book also provides a theoretical framework for implementing teaching for thinking in primary classrooms. By updating references and adding a new chapter on moral dilemmas, including information that is consonant with constructivist ideologies, Wassermann continues to promote ways of teaching that stimulate children's appreciation for social and ethical issues. Her approach is holistic; it not only honors the play of children, but also the work of teachers. Accessible and enlightening, this new edition is a must-read for all early childhood professionals. Parents, too, will find this volume useful.
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Developing Pedagogy

Author : Kim Insley
ISBN : 0761969357
Genre : Education
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This book encourages readers to explore significant aspects of current thinking in primary education (for ages 3-13) focusing on pedagogy: the study of processes of teaching. The authors consider contexts, knowledge, skills and curriculum within a framework of practice. A distinctive feature is the voices of teachers, children, parents, advisors and inspectors and others. The book covers: learning, knowledge and pedagogy; pedagogic issues, application of practice. The authors also present a discussion of national strategies and The National Curriculum update for 2000, discussions of a world-wide curriculum, and ICT and citizenship viewed as tools for developing aspects of pedagogy.
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Kinder Sind Anders

Author : Maria Montessori
ISBN : 3608945350
Genre : Montessori-Pädagogik
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Active Learning In Primary Classrooms

Author : Jenny Monk
ISBN : 9781317862017
Genre : Education
File Size : 27.26 MB
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What do they mean by Active Learning? How can you inspire children to engage fully in their learning? How can you plan and organise a curriculum that ensures that children are actively involved in the learning process? This brand new text not only explores and examines the concept of active learning, but demonstrates how every teacher, new or experienced, can translate theory into practice and reap the rewards of children actively engaged in their own learning in the classroom. Central to the book is the series of extended case studies, through which the authors highlight examples of effective teaching and learning across the whole primary curriculum. They provide practical examples of planning, teaching and assessing to encourage, inspire and give confidence to teach in creative, integrated and exciting ways.
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Metacognition In The Primary Classroom

Author : Peter Tarrant
ISBN : 9781317552567
Genre : Education
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Current trends in education suggest that pupils should have more responsibility for their own learning, but how can they if they don’t understand the what, the why and the how? This practical guide explores the idea that a metacognitive approach enables pupils to develop skills for lifelong learning. If pupils can identify the what, the why, and the how of their learning, they can begin to formulate strategies for overcoming challenges and for continuous improvement. In this book, the authors truly engage with research into the link between metacognition and learning, and the idea that if you can effectively articulate your thoughts and strategies regarding how you learn, you might then be in a better position to take actions in order to improve and to be able to learn best. An appendix of useful resources is also included, which offers a range of activities surrounding the language of learning, reflection and metacognition, as well essential advice on how to develop metacognition in the early years (4-8), middle years (8-10), and upper years (10-13). Metacognition in the Primary Classroom demonstrates how important it is for children to be well-enough informed to play an active role in learning better. Having the language skills to talk about your learning, and the opportunity to share ideas and strategies with others, enables all concerned to explore and develop approaches in order to learn better. This book is a crucial read for anyone interested in ensuring that pupils take an active role in their own learning.
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Teaching Science In The Primary Classroom

Author : Hellen Ward
ISBN : 9781473953093
Genre : Education
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Who was right about gravity - Aristotle or Galileo? Do woodlice like the damp or the sunshine? Now in full colour, the new edition of this core textbook is packed full of exciting ideas and methods to help trainees and teachers looking for creative ways of teaching science to primary school children. It's the perfect step-by-step guide for anyone teaching science for the first time. Reflecting the new curriculum, the third edition has been extensively updated throughout and now includes: · a brand new chapter on teaching science outdoors · lots of guidance on how to work scientifically in the classroom · a new focus on assessment of ‘secondary readiness’ · new activities and case studies, with helpful links to developing scientific skills With practical examples, case studies, clear guidance on how to turn theory into creative practice, and lots of ideas for lively science lessons and activities, this is the ideal book for anyone studying primary science on initial teacher education courses, and teachers looking for new ideas to use in the classroom.
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Social Studies Strategies For Active Learning

Author : Andi Stix
ISBN : 9781425802615
Genre : Education
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Encourages history teachers to adopt a highly participatory form of instruction in which students learn through activities such as simulations, debates, discussions, and research using primary sources. Contains links to other subjects in the curriculum.
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Handbook On Teaching And Learning In Political Science And International Relations

Author : John Ishiyama
ISBN : 9781782548485
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 27.5 MB
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With a focus on providing concrete teaching strategies for scholars, the Handbook on Teaching and Learning in Political Science and International Relations blends both theory and practice in an accessible and clear manner. In an effort to help faculty
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