Author : Kathleen Norris
ISBN : 054752756X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 42.20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"A book of stories, a book of prayer, a book to be read meditatively and well," DAKOTA offers a timeless tribute to a place in the American landscape that is at once desolate and sublime, harsh and forgiving, steeped in history and myth. From the award-winning author of AMAZING GRACE, DAKOTA is Kathleen Norris at her most thoughtful, her most discerning, her best. She gives us, once again, a rare "gift of hope and balance, a place to begin" (Chicago Tribune) and assurance that wherever we go, we chart our own spiritual geography.
Category: Religion

Teaching With Joy

Author : Sharon Shelton-Colangelo
ISBN : 074254592X
Genre : Education
File Size : 63.6 MB
Format : PDF
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A wide range of contributors offer practical advice for holistic educational practices designed to implement a spiritual and ethical curriculum while avoiding religious dogmatism.
Category: Education

Private Voices Public Lives

Author : Nancy Owen Nelson
ISBN : 0929398882
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 69.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Interweaving the personal, private voice with scholarly, public intent, Nelson and the other contributors argue for a more interactive and cooperative approach to the teaching, reading, critiquing, and writing of literature. These essays are a direct result of the desire by many women within the academic community to break free of what has been called the “masculine” or “adversary” mode of literary criticism. Private Voices, Public Lives is of critical importance to readers, teachers, reviewers, and critics. The essays incorporate ideas on current issues of autobiography, memoir, women's voice, reader response, diversity, life writing, and gender.
Category: Literary Criticism

Geography And Drug Addiction

Author : Yonette F. Thomas
ISBN : 9781402085093
Genre : Science
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Making Connections: Geography and Drug Addiction Geography involves making connections – connections in our world among people and places, cultures, human activities, and natural processes. It involves understa- ing the relationships and ‘connections’ between seemingly disparate or unrelated ideas and between what is and what might be. Geography also involves connecting with people. When I rst encountered an extraordinarily vibrant, intelligent, and socially engaged scientist at a private d- ner several years ago, I was immediately captivated by the intensity of her passion to understand how and why people become addicted to drugs, and what could be done to treat or prevent drug addiction. Fortunately, she was willing to think beyond the bounds of her own discipline in her search for answers. Our conversation that evening, which began with her research on fundamental biochemical processes of drug addiction in the human body, evolved inevitably to an exploration of the ways in which research on the geographical context of drug addiction might contribute to the better understanding of etiology of addiction, its diffusion, its interaction with geographically variable environmental, social, and economic factors, and the strategies for its treatment and prevention. This fascinating woman, I soon learned, was Nora Volkow, the Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse as well as the granddaughter of Leon Trotsky.
Category: Science

Conversion In The New Testament

Author : Richard Peace
ISBN : 0802842356
Genre : Religion
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A landmark work in the study of conversion. With the tools of scholarship and as a seasoned practitioner, Richard Peace explores the New Testament understanding of the turning points of conversion -- from the night of our captivities to the light of Christ, into the church and out to the neighbor in need. Our contemporary efforts in evangelism have much to learn from this full-orbed view of conversion. - Gabriel Fackre, on back cover.
Category: Religion

Die Buchhandlung

Author : Penelope Fitzgerald
ISBN : 9783458738541
Genre : Fiction
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Florence Green erwirbt in Hardborough, einem verschlafenen Dorf an der Küste Ostenglands, das Old House als zukünftiges Domizil für ihre Buchhandlung. Dass das Gebäude anscheinend von einem Poltergeist besessen und bis auf die Grundmauern feucht ist, bringt sie von ihrem Vorhaben ebensowenig ab wie die Tatsache, dass sie von finanziellen Dingen keine Ahnung hat. Voller Schwung stürzt sie sich in die Vorbereitungen und stattet ihre Buchhandlung liebevoll aus. Die Einwohner des kleinen Städtchens begegnen dem Unternehmen zunächst mit Skepsis, bald stellen sich jedoch erste Stammkunden ein. Als Florence Green aber dann ein gerade erschienenes Buch eines bis dahin unbekannten Autors, Vladimir Nabokov, verkauft, ist die Aufregung groß und weitet sich zu einem Skandal aus ...
Category: Fiction

Cop Town Stadt Der Angst

Author : Karin Slaughter
ISBN : 9783641162979
Genre : Fiction
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Eine Stadt in Angst. Ein Killer, der Cops tötet. Zwei Frauen, die ihren Mann stehen. Atlanta, 1974: Kate Murphy fürchtet, dass ihr erster Tag beim Police Department gleichzeitig ihr letzter sein könnte. Denn ein Killer terrorisiert die Stadt – seine Opfer sind ausschließlich Cops. Und als würde das nicht reichen, machen auch Kates männliche Kollegen ihr den Job zur Hölle: Eine weibliche Polizistin zählt in ihren Augen keinen Cent. Zum Glück ist Kate nicht allein. Auch ihre Partnerin Maggie Lawson spürt, wie die Stimmung unter den männlichen Kollegen kippt. Ihnen ist jedes Mittel recht, um den Killer zur Strecke zu bringen. Und plötzlich befindet sich Atlanta im Ausnahmezustand – denn die Cops beginnen eine brutale Menschenjagd und werden so gefährlich wie der Killer selbst.
Category: Fiction

When Spiritual But Not Religious Is Not Enough

Author : Lillian Daniel
ISBN : 9781455523108
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 33.88 MB
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The phrase "I'm spiritual but not religious" has become a cliché. It's easy to find God amid the convenience of self-styled spirituality--but is it possible (and more worthwhile) to search for God through religion? Minister and celebrated author Lillian Daniel gives a new spin on church with stories of what a life of faith can really be: weird, wondrous, and well worth trying. From a rock-and-roller sexton to a BB gun-toting grandma, a church service attended by animals to a group of unlikely theologians at Sing Sing, Daniel shows us a portrait of church that is flawed, fallible--and deeply faithful. With poignant reflections and sly wit, Daniel invites all of us to step out of ourselves, dare to become a community, and encounter a God greater than we could ever invent. Humorous and sincere, this is a book about people finding God in the most unexpected of places: prisons, airports, yoga classes, committee meetings, and, strangest of all, right there in church.
Category: Social Science

The Gift Of Story

Author : Emily Griesinger
ISBN : 9781932792478
Genre : Performing Arts
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The Gift of Story brings contemporary literature and film into conversation with the grand Christian narrative. This book examines the specific connections between contemporary cultural meta-narratives (the stories humans typically tell about themselves) and the ideas of hope found in Christianity. Despite postmodernism's skepticism about narrative, the dialogue with contemporary fiction, drama, music and film demonstrates that the Christian story can engender and sustain hope.
Category: Performing Arts