Critical Thinking And The Bible In The Age Of New Media

Author : Charles Ess
ISBN : 0761828621
Genre : Religion
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In Critical Thinking and the Bible in the Age of New Media, Charles Ess collects contemporary scholarship to address the question: What does critical thinking about the Bible mean as the Bible is "transmediated" from print to electronic formats? This volume, the first of its kind, is made up of contributions originally developed for a conference sponsored by the American Bible Society. Ess provides a collection grounded in a wide diversity of religious traditions and academic disciplines philosophy, biblical studies, theology, feminism, aesthetics, communication theory, and media studies. His introduction summarizes the individual chapters and develops their broader significance for contemporary debates regarding media, postmodernism, and the possible relationships between faith and reason"
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Digital Religion Social Media And Culture

Author : Pauline Hope Cheong
ISBN : UCSD:31822039396429
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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This anthology – the first of its kind in eight years – collects some of the best and most current research and reflection on the complex interactions between religion and computer-mediated communication (CMC). The contributions cohere around the central question: how will core religious understandings of identity, community and authority shape and be (re)shaped by the communicative possibilities of Web 2.0? The authors gathered here address these questions in three distinct ways: through contemporary empirical research on how diverse traditions across the globe seek to take up the technologies and affordances of contemporary CMC; through investigations that place these contemporary developments in larger historical and theological contexts; and through careful reflection on the theoretical dimensions of research on religion and CMC. In their introductory and concluding essays, the editors uncover and articulate the larger intersections and patterns suggested by individual chapters, including trajectories for future research.
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Analyzing Media

Author : James W. Chesebro
ISBN : 1572304197
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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For the past 25 years, critics of communication have focused on the content and form of verbal and nonverbal communication, while for the most part neglecting what traditionally has been considered a technical rather than a critical issue - the impact of how messages are produced or formatted in the various media. Topics such as the sexual and violent content of television and films, the meaning of pornography, and the persuasive efforts of advertisers largely have been examined with the use of social science methodologies that ignore the behavioral and message-generating implications of specific media systems themselves. Filling a significant void in the literature, this volume eschews the notion of communication technologies as neutral conduits, and instead depicts them as active and creative determinants of meaning. In doing so, it offers an illuminating examination of the dynamic relationships among communication, cognition, and social organization. Providing a framework for the chapters that follow, the first section of the book presents a history of human communication from a technological perspective, explores the integral role of communication technologies in everyday life, and isolates the ways in which criticism can function as an assessment system. Three specific technological cultures that define human communication are identified: the oral, the literate, and the electronic. The authors identify structural features and discuss the social implications of each. They also provide descriptions, interpretations, and evaluations of these technological cultures, and show how criticism changes when the media of transmission is taken into account. The book concludes with a cogentdiscussion of a range of topics surrounding media criticism, such as its pedagogical implications, how multiple selves can exist in a world of varied communication technologies, the integration of communication technologies, and how media studies should be incorporated into the disc
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K Rschners Deutscher Gelehrten Kalender

Author : Gerhard Lüdtke
ISBN : 3598236166
Genre : German literature
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Each volume includes "Wissenschaftliche zeitschriften."
Category: German literature

Laws Of Media

Author : Marshall McLuhan
ISBN : 0802077153
Genre : Social Science
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Marshall McLuhan has been described as Canada's most exciting and original thinker, a member of the small company of intellectual geniuses this country has produced. Works such as The Gutenberg Galaxy, The Mechanical Bride , From Cliche to Archetype , and Understanding Media have established his reputation throughout the world and have profoundly influenced our understanding of contemporary communication. In his later years McLuhan was working on a 'unified field' theory of human culture, an effort in which he collaborated with and was assisted by his son, Eric McLuhan. This book is the result of that collaboration. The McLuhans are retrieving another way of understanding our world, a way known to some ancient Greeks (but not Aristotle), to medieval thinkers, to Francis Bacon and Giambattista Vico, and to T.S. Eliot and James Joyce in this century. It is based on the use of words and the conseuqent power of the 'logos' to shape all the elements of culture - media - with which we surround ourselves. The authors explain how the invention of the alphabet led to the dominance of visual-space conceptualizations over those of acoustic space and its creative words (and word-plays). They consider the differences between the left- and right-hand sides of our brains, and use Gestalt theories of figure and ground to explore the underlying principles that define media. 'Media,' the word so closely connected with Marshall McLuhan's thought, is here explored in its broadest meaning, encompassing all that has been created by humans: artefacts, information, ideas - every example of human innovation, from computer program to a tea cup, from musical arrangement to the formula for a cold remedy, from an X-ray machine to the sentence you're reading right now. All these are media to whcih can be applied the laws the McLuhans have developed. The laws are based on a set of four questions - a tetrad - that can be applied to any artefact or idea: What does it enhance or intensify? What does it render obsolete or displace? What does it retrieve that was previoulsy obsolesced? What does it produce or become when pressed to an extreme? Inherent in every human innovation is an answer to each of the questions of this tetrad; anything that does not contain answers to these four questions is not the product of human creation. The laws identified by the McLuhans consitute a new scientific basis for media studies, testable, and able to allow for prediction. It takes in all human activities and speech; it breaks down barriers and reconsiders them as mere intervals. In the McLuhan tradition, this New Science offers a while new understanding of human creation, and a vision that could reshape our future.
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Rationality And Religious Experience

Author : Henry Rosemont
ISBN : 0812694465
Genre : Philosophy
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This work examines how the world’s many religions contributed to humankind’s intellectual evolution and points out their value in the future. Rosemont also explains that all religion enhances our non-material lives by providing a sense of fully belonging.
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Author : Thierry Bardini
ISBN : 0804738718
Genre : Computers
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This tells the story of Douglas Engelbart's revolutionary vision, reaching beyond conventional histories of Silicon Valley to probe the ideology that shaped some of the basic ingredients of contemporary life.
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The World And The Word Making Sense Of Social Science In An Age Of Conflict Opposition And Grace

Author : Dr. Herbert L. Green Jr.
ISBN : 9781543425628
Genre : Religion
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Jesus’ very presence as the New Testament age unfolded (1st century A.D.), engendered opposition, created confl ict, while ushering in grace. His ideas were considered “radical.” Why is this so? The NIV Archeological Study Bible (2005), NIV Student Bible, et al. and corroborating Extra-Biblical evidence provide a context for the Word view about Jesus in Biblical history, and supports aspects of the social and physical sciences in terms of cultural, socio-economic, political, historical, archeological, and philosophical (apologetics) evidence. As the pages of this book unfold, there is an internal consistency with social science and The Bible. However, where such consistency appeared to diverge, this author attempts to “fi lter” out the “noise” by applying critical thinking criteria to a Worldview that may not be consistent with the Word view.” The goal of this book therefore is to provide some exposition (Greek apologia) of the Word and see how the World “fi ts.” Born again Christians can be credible scientists and not compromise God’s Word. After thoughtful reading please send refl ective comments to Dr. Herb Green, Jr. at [email protected]
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Rethinking Theology And Science

Author : Niels Henrik Gregersen
ISBN : UVA:X004200776
Genre : Religion
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In this volume six leading American and European scientist-theologians rethink the relationship of theology and science under the growing challenge of pluralism.
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