Critical Theory And Performance

Author : Janelle G. Reinelt
ISBN : 0472068865
Genre : Performing Arts
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The first comprehensive survey of the major critical currents and approaches in the lively field of performance studies
Category: Performing Arts

Theory For Performance Studies

Author : Philip Auslander
ISBN : 9780415974523
Genre : Performing Arts
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Theory for Performance Studies: A Student's Guideis a clear and concise handbook to the key connections between performance studies and critical theory since the 1960s. Philip Auslander looks at the way the concept of performance has been engaged across a number of disciplines. Beginning with four foundational figures – Freud, Marz, Nietzsche and Saussure – Auslander goes on to provide guided introductions to the major theoretical thinkers of the past century, from Althusser to Zizek. Each entry offers biographical, theoretical, and bibliographical information along with a discussion of each figure's relevance to theatre and performance studies and suggestions for future research. Brisk, thoughtful, and engaging, this is an essential first volume for anyone at work in theatre and performance studies today. Adapted from Theory for Religious Studies, by William E. Deal and Timothy K. Beal.
Category: Performing Arts

The New Guitarscape In Critical Theory Cultural Practice And Musical Performance

Author : Kevin Dawe
ISBN : 0754667758
Genre : Music
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In The New Guitarscape, Kevin Dawe argues for a re-assessment of guitar studies in the light of more recent musical, social, cultural and technological developments that have taken place around the instrument. He presents a synthesis of previous work on the guitar, but also expands the terms by which the guitar might be studied, drawing from studies in science and technology, design theory, material culture, cognition, sensual culture, gender and sexuality, power and agency, ethnography (real and virtual) and globalization. Dawe presents the guitar as an instrument involved in an enormous variety of cultural interactions and political exchanges in many different contexts around the world.
Category: Music

Performance And Cultural Politics

Author : Elin Diamond
ISBN : 9781136165955
Genre : Performing Arts
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Performance and Cultural Politics is a groundbreaking collection of essays which explore the historical and cultural territories of performance, written by the foremost scholars in the field. The essays, exploring performance art, theatre, music and dance, range from Oscar Wilde to Eric Clapton; from the Rose Theatre to U.S. Holocaust museums. The topic includes: * Sex Play: Stereotype, Pose and Dildo * Grave Performances: The Cultural Politics of Memory * Genealogies: Critical Performances * Identity Politics: Passing, Carnival and the Law In the concluding section, `Performer's Performance', performance artist Robbie McCauley offers the practitioner's perspective on performance studies. Interdisciplinary, thought-provoking and rich in new ideas, Performance and Cultural Politics is a landmark in the emerging field of performance studies.
Category: Performing Arts

Penpoints Gunpoints And Dreams

Author : Ngugi wa Thiong'o
ISBN : 9780191583377
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Penpoints, Gunpoints, and Dreams explores the relationship between art and political power in society, taking as its starting point the experience of writers in contemporary Africa, where they are often seen as the enemy of the postcolonial state. This study, in turn, raises the wider issues of the relationship between the state of art and the art of the state, particularly in their struggle for the control of performance space in territorial, temporal, social, and even psychic contexts. Kenyan writer, Ngugi wa Thiong'o, calls for the alliance of art and people power, freedom and dignity against the encroachments of modern states. Art, he argues, needs to be active, engaged, insistent on being what it has always been, the embodiment of dreams for a truly human world.
Category: Literary Criticism

Performing Feminisms

Author : Sue-Ellen Case
ISBN : 0801839696
Genre : Literary Criticism
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A valuable, provoking, important addition to any theatre scholar or practitioner's library, especially since feminist theory is a relative newcomer to the world of theatre.
Category: Literary Criticism

To All Appearances

Author : Herbert Blau
ISBN : 0415013658
Genre : Drama
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This is a book in which ideology and performance shadow each other, in a theoretical inquiry which ranges widely across historical periods and cultures. The author's concerns--which include the social meaning of illusion and the cultural manifestation of power--take the reader from Jacobean drama to the pageantry of Robert Wilson; from Eleanora Duse to Laurie Anderson; from the puppet theater of Kleist to Kantor's theater of the dead; and from the Kutiyattam temple dancers in Kerala to Womanhouse in Los Angeles. A brilliant, uncontainable, and chastening look at the rhetoric of critical theory in relation to performance and ideological practice, this is undoubtedly a book for the twenty-first century. It returns us, through all appearances, to the unavoidable question in art, in politics, in the society of the spectacle: what, after all, is the future of illusion?
Category: Drama

Theatricality And Narrative In Medieval And Early Modern Scotland

Author : Mr John J McGavin
ISBN : 9781409489771
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Theatricality and Narrative in Medieval and Early Modern Scotland analyses narrative accounts of public theatricality in late medieval and early-modern Scottish culture (pre-1645). Literary texts such as journal, memoir and chronicles reveal a complex spectatorship in which eye witness, textual witness and the imagination interconnect. The narrators represent a broad variety of public actions as theatrical: included are instances of assault and assassination, petition, clerical interrogation, dissent, preaching, play and display, the performance of identity and the spectatorship of tourism. Varying influences of personal experience, oral tradition, and existing written record colour the narratives. Discernible also are those rhetorical and generic forms which witnesses employ to give a comprehensible shape to events. Narratives of theatricality prove central for understanding early Scottish culture since they record moments of contact between those in power and those without it; they show how participants aimed to influence both present spectators and the witness of history; they reveal the contested nature of ambiguous public genres, and they point up the pleasures and responsibilities of spectatorship. McGavin demonstrates that early Scottish culture is revealed as much in its processes of witnessing as in that which it claims to witness. Although the book's emphasis is on the early modern period, its study of chronicle narratives takes it back from the period of their composition (predominantly 15th and 16th century) to earlier medieval events.
Category: Literary Criticism

Research Methods In Theatre And Performance

Author : Baz Kershaw
ISBN : 9780748688104
Genre : Drama
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How have theatre and performance research methods and methodologies engaged the expanding diversity of performing arts practices? How can students best combine performance/theatre research approaches in their projects? This book's 29 contributors provide hands-on answers to such questions. Challenging and debating received research wisdom and exploring innovative procedures for rigorous enquiry via archives, technology, practice-as-research, scenography, performer training, applied theatre/performance, body in performance and more, they create a focussed compendium of future research options.
Category: Drama