Covered Wagon Women 1864 1868

Author : Kenneth L. Holmes
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V. 1. The women who traveled west in covered wagons during the 1840s speak through these letters and diaries. Here are the voices of Tamsen Donner and young Virginia Reed, members of the ill-fated Donner party; Patty Sessions, the Mormon midwife who delivered five babies on the trail between Omaha and Salt Lake City; Rachel Fisher, who buried both her husband and her little girl before reaching Oregon. Still others make themselves heard, starting out from different places and recording details along the way, from the mundane to the soul-shattering and spirit-lifting.
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Covered Wagon Women

Author : Kenneth L. Holmes
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Covered Wagon Women 1851

Author : Kenneth L. Holmes
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The wagon trains to California greatly decreased in 1851 as reports of deadly cholera on the trail the year before and strikeouts in gold prospecting became known. Those who did go west—about 2,160 men and 1,440 women—tended toward Oregon's rich Willamette Valley because of a new federal land law that awarded a husband and wife a full section. Volume 3 of Covered Wagon Women contains the diaries and letters of six Oregon-bound women, as well as the journal of an English Mormon woman who described her experience all the way from Liverpool to Salt Lake City. The words of these pioneer women convey their exhilaration, courage, exhaustion, and terror in traveling so far into the unknown.
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Covered Wagon Women 1853 1854

Author : Kenneth L. Holmes
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“We traveled this forenoon over the roughest and most desolate piece of ground that was ever made,” wrote Amelia Knight during her 1853 wagon train journey to Oregon. Some of the parties who traveled with Knight were propelled by religious motives. Hannah King, an Englishwoman and Mormon convert, was headed for Salt Lake City. Her cultured, introspective diary touches on the feelings of sensitive people bound together in a stressful undertaking. Celinda Hines and Rachel Taylor were Methodists seeking their new Canaan in Oregon. Also Oregon-bound in 1853 were Sarah (Sally) Perkins, whose minimalist record cuts deep, and Eliza Butler Ground and Margaret Butler Smith, sisters who wrote revealing letters after arriving. Going to California in 1854 were Elizabeth Myrick, who wrote a no-nonsense diary, and the teenage Mary Burrell, whose wit and exuberance prevail.
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Covered Wagon Women

Author : Elliott West
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Forty years after the legendary overland travels of Oregon pioneers in the 1840s, Lucy Clark Allen wrote, “the excitement continues.” Economic hard times in Minnesota sent Allen and her husband to Montana in hopes of evading the droughts, grasshoppers, and failed crops that had plagued their farm. Allen and her compatriots, in this volume of Covered Wagon Women, experience a much different journey than their predecessors. Many settlements now await those bound for the West, with amenities such as hotels and restaurants, as well as grain suppliers to provide feed for the horses and mules that had replaced the slower oxen in pulling wagons. Routes were clearly marked—some had been replaced entirely by railroad tracks. Nevertheless, many of the same dangers, fears, and aspirations confronted these dauntless women who traveled the overland trails.
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Prairie Flower

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New applique patterns in the Kansas City Star heritage.
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The Golden West

Author : Alicia Christensen
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In the fifty years since its inception in 1961, the Bison Books imprint at the University of Nebraska Press has published some of the best historical, literary, and original western literature. The Golden West celebrates that continuing mission, bringing together some of the most beloved and iconic stories of the American West. Here, readers will find the classic West: from the adventures of the Corps of Discovery to the trials of the Oregon Trail, from the diverse landscapes of the Great Plains to the rugged Rocky Mountains and the Willamette Valley, from traditional Sioux culture to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, and from the cowboys, ranchers, farmers, and mountaineers who often make up our western mythology to their American Indian counterpoints in stories about tribal society, monumental battles, and interaction with white settlers. The Golden West holds something for every reader—fiction, poetry, memoir, folklore, firsthand accounts, and all the shades of gray in between.
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Covered Wagon Women 1852 The California Trail

Author : Kenneth L. Holmes
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"The writing is rich with the sounds of common speech and jargon . . . and it should be a gold mine for students of everyday life."-John Mack Faragher, Western Historical Quarterly. "The entries from these pioneer women are alternately rich with optimism, stark with tragedy, and always laced with the mind-numbing details and foot-blistering discipline required to keep to that inexorable march toward the western horizon."-The Olympian. "The diaries and letters . . . throb with excitement, pain and mind-boggling determination."-Kliatt. In 1852 a record number of women helped keep the wagons rolling over the perilous western trails. The fourth volume of Covered Wagon Women is devoted to families headed for California that year. Diaries and letters of six pioneer women describe the rigors en route, trailside celebrations and tragedies, the scourge of cholera, and encounters with the Indians. Kenneth L. Holmes was a professor of history at Western Oregon State College. He edited and compiled these volumes drawing on archives and private sources. Glenda Riley is a professor of history at Ball State University. Her numerous works on women in the American West include Building and Breaking Families in the American West.
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