Civil Liability In Criminal Justice

Author : Darrell L. Ross
ISBN : 9781317523987
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Investigating Deaths in Custody and Officer-Involved Shootings addresses the critical investigation components from an expert witness perspective, providing the insights necessary to ensure a complete investigation. Investigating a custodial death or an officer involving a shooting presents unique and complex issues. When the deaths occur in the custody of the law enforcement agency, the investigator must be prepared to respond to emerging issues focused at his/her own agency or at another local agency. Conducting a thorough investigation is important because estate, community, judicial, agency, involved officer, and public policy interests are all at stake. These types of deaths present various emerging medical, psychological, legal and liability, technical, and investigatory issues that must be addressed through a comprehensive investigation. This is a timely topic as unrest over officer-involved shootings and deaths in custody take center stage conversations about policing and the criminal justice system. This book is ideal for students in criminal investigation, death investigation, crime scene investigation, and special topics in custodial deaths and officer-involved shootings, as well as death investigators, law enforcement officers, police administrators, and attorneys.
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Civil Liability In Criminal Justice

Author : CTI Reviews
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Facts101 is your complete guide to Civil Liability in Criminal Justice. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.
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Constitutional Law And Criminal Justice Second Edition

Author : Cliff Roberson
ISBN : 9781498721202
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Illuminating concepts in plain language, eliminating unnecessary legal jargon, and clarifying nuances in the law, this new edition of Constitutional Law and Criminal Justice simplifies understanding of the United States judicial system for those without advanced legal training. It also provides a much-needed update by including decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States since the first edition as well as a discussion on the current makeup and policy of the Supreme Court. The Second Edition includes: Learning objectives added to each chapter An extended discussion on the issue of "Does the United States have an unwritten constitution in addition to a written one?" Summary outlines of recent Supreme Court decisions Revisions to all chapters in accordance with Supreme Court decisions since the first edition Edits to cases and excerpts to enhance understanding of the material A summary added to each chapter The book begins with an overview of the Bill of Rights, followed by an examination of the components of the judiciary. It moves on to a discussion of due process, the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments, and the exclusionary rule. Additional chapters address civil liability and the criminal justice professional as well as the impact of terrorism on the right of habeas corpus. Review questions and relevant cases in each chapter illustrate legal applications of each topic. With a balanced approach of illustration, clarity, and conciseness, Constitutional Law and Criminal Justice, Second Edition is a remarkable improvement upon its predecessor. It gives you the key information to understand the most important issues regarding the Constitution and its application in the judicial system.
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Community Policing

Author : Victor E. Kappeler
ISBN : 9781455728503
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Community policing is a philosophy and organizational strategy that expands the traditional police mandate of fighting crime to include forming partnerships with citizenry that endorse mutual support and participation. The first textbook of its kind, Community Policing: A Contemporary Perspective delineates this progressive approach, combining the accrued wisdom and experience of its established authors with the latest research based insights to help students apply what is on the page to the world beyond. 'Spotlight on Community Policing Practice' sections feature real-life community policing programs in various cities, and problem-solving case studies cover special topics. The text has been revised throughout to include the most current developments in the field such as how the current climate of suspicion associated with terrorism threats affects the trust so necessary for community policing, and how the newest technologies can be harnessed to facilitate police interactions with citizens. Additionally, the book now explores the fragmentation of authority and emphasizes the importance of partnerships among the numerous law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and private social service agencies. * Each chapter contains learning objectives, key terms, and discussion questions that encourage comprehension * Video and Internet links provide additional coverage of topics discussed throughout the text. * Includes a 'Ten Principles of Community Policing' addendum
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Critical Issues In Police Civil Liability

Author : Victor E. Kappeler
ISBN : 9781478609193
Genre : Social Science
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Building on the strength of previous editions, the fourth edition presents a well-conceived, clearly stated analysis of complex issues confronting law enforcement officers and administrators. Law enforcement duties sometimes place police officers in vulnerable positions regarding their legal obligations and expose them to charges of misconduct. Civil liability is an extremely expensive proposition for police officers, law enforcement agencies, governments, andultimatelytaxpayers. Although substantial resources are often expended by the justice system to resolve liability cases, there are benefits to citizens. When the government assumes the responsibility to provide service or to protect the public, people injured by inadequate performance of those responsibilities deserve compensation; innocent parties who suffer injury should have an avenue for redress. The potential for litigation has been an impetus for better training and more responsible practices. Another excellent resource on the topic, Kappelers edited volume of Supreme Court cases, Police Civil Liability, Second Edition, allows students to understand firsthand the legal reasoning behind Court decisions dealing with these same issues.
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European Criminal Justice And Policy

Author : Marc Cools
ISBN : 9789046605424
Genre : Law
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Reviewing European policy with respect to different phases in the criminal justice chain, the contributions in this book range from looking into the extension of criminalization in the sphere of trafficking in human beings and labor exploitation, to the operability of cross-border execution of sentences involving deprivation of liberty. Most contributions look into the need to develop a conceptual framework to support future policy making, pointing to the lack thereof with respect to liability of legal persons, ne bis in idem as an EU principle, cross-border effect of disqualifications, and cooperation with private security actors. One essay looks into the public expenditure in different phases of the criminal justice chain, based on a case study on the public expenditure of Belgian drug policy. Additionally, from a historical and comparative perspective, the book analyzes specific European and Chinese interrogation rules to provide a solid context for the current situation and to support future legal reforms. (Series: Governance of Security (GofS) Research Paper - Vol. 7)
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Liability Of Legal Persons For Offences In The Eu

Author : Gert Vermeulen
ISBN : 9789046605202
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Discussions of the possibility to attribute liability to legal persons for committing offenses are far from new. The EU landscape however is scattered. Although there are obligations for the Member States to introduce liability for legal persons committing offenses, diversity remains as to: the offenses that may trigger liability * the legal persons that may be held liable * the attribution theories and mechanisms used * the type of liability, which may be either penal, administrative, or civil * the sanctions that legal persons may incur. Consistent policy making requires an identification of the main commonalities and differences in view of being able to adequately reflect them in cross-national policy initiatives. Hence, the European Commission launched a call for tender for a study on the issue, which was awarded to the Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy (IRCP). The results are published in this book. Based on comparative legal analysis in the EU27, recommendations are formulated relating to the EU approximation policy (amongst others to reconsider the concept of a 'legal person' and to look into the need for specific 'legal person'-offenses), the functioning of mutual recognition (amongst others to extend the current mutual recognition instrumentarium), the exchange of information (amongst others to develop a criminal records policy), and procedural safeguards (amongst others to secure equivalent protection outside a criminal liability context). In other words, a helicopter view is taken to ensure consistent EU policy making. (Series: Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy [IRCP] - Vol. 44)
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Criminal Justice

Author : Phyllis B. Gerstenfeld
ISBN : 1587652196
Genre : Law
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Contains 625 alphabetically arranged entries that examine various aspects of criminal justice in the U.S., covering criminals, codes and categories of law, law enforcement agencies, courts, corrections, the U.S. Constitution, and Supreme Court rulings. Includes a time line, personages and subject indexes, and other reference materials.
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