Citizen And Subject

Author : Mahmood Mamdani
ISBN : 0691027935
Genre : Political Science
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In analyzing the obstacles to democratization in post- independence Africa, Mahmood Mamdani offers a bold, insightful account of colonialism's legacy--a bifurcated power that mediated racial domination through tribally organized local authorities, reproducing racial identity in citizens and ethnic identity in subjects. Many writers have understood colonial rule as either "direct" (French) or "indirect" (British), with a third variant--apartheid--as exceptional. This benign terminology, Mamdani shows, masks the fact that these were actually variants of a despotism. While direct rule denied rights to subjects on racial grounds, indirect rule incorporated them into a "customary" mode of rule, with state-appointed Native Authorities defining custom. By tapping authoritarian possibilities in culture, and by giving culture an authoritarian bent, indirect rule (decentralized despotism) set the pace for Africa; the French followed suit by changing from direct to indirect administration, while apartheid emerged relatively later. Apartheid, Mamdani shows, was actually the generic form of the colonial state in Africa. Through case studies of rural (Uganda) and urban (South Africa) resistance movements, we learn how these institutional features fragment resistance and how states tend to play off reform in one sector against repression in the other. Reforming a power that institutionally enforces tension between town and country, and between ethnicities, is the key challenge for anyone interested in democratic reform in Africa.
Category: Political Science

Religion Violence And Local Power Sharing In Nigeria

Author : Laura Thaut Vinson
ISBN : 9781316844724
Genre : Political Science
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Why does religion become a fault line of communal violence in some pluralistic countries and not others? Under what conditions will religious identity - as opposed to other salient ethnic cleavages - become the spark that ignites communal violence? Contemporary world politics since 9/11 is increasingly marked by intra-state communal clashes in which religious identity is the main fault line. Yet, violence erupts only in some religiously pluralistic countries, and only in some parts of those countries. This study argues that prominent theories in the study of civil conflict cannot adequately account for the variation in subnational identity-based violence. Examining this variation in the context of Nigeria's pluralistic north-central region, this book finds support for a new theory of power-sharing. It finds that communities are less likely to fall prey to a divisive narrative of religious difference where local leaders informally agreed to abide by an inclusive, local government power-sharing arrangement.
Category: Political Science

Das Nachkoloniale Afrika

Author : Rainer Tetzlaff
ISBN : 9783531900568
Genre : Political Science
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Das Lehrbuch vermittelt fundierte Kenntnisse über die politischen, sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Entwicklungen der Staaten Afrikas. Was sind die internen, externen und strukturellen Ursachen der Marginalisierung des Kontinents und welche Konsequenzen ergeben sich daraus? Zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts besteht kaum Zweifel daran, dass Afrika überwiegend auf der Verliererseite der Globalisierung steht, weil die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit afrikanischer Gesellschaften, Staaten und Volkswirtschaften gegenwärtig und auf absehbare Zeit als gering anzusehen ist. Wie ist es dazu gekommen und muss das so bleiben? Ausgehend von einer Einführung in die geschichtlichen und geographischen Grundlagen von Entwicklung und Unterentwicklung des kolonialen und postkolonialen Afrikas analysiert das Lehrbuch mittels einer Kombination aus begrifflich-theoretischer Reflexion, multidisziplinärem Zugriff und anhand von Länderbeispielen Fragen nach Demokratie und Diktatur, kultureller Identität, wirtschaftlichen Hemmnissen, ethnischen Konflikten und geeigneten Herrschaftsformen. Ziel ist es, den weit verbreiteten Klischees und Vorurteilen über den Kontinent die konkrete Vielfalt der politischen, gesellschaftlichen und wirtschaftlichen Erscheinungen und Entwicklungen entgegen zu setzen und Erklärungsversuche zu liefern.
Category: Political Science

Democratization In The Third World

Author : Lars Rudebeck
ISBN : 9781349267835
Genre : Social Science
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Democratization in the Third World addresses many current issues of development, democratization and civil society in countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America against the background of theoretical introductions and comparisons with the Swedish historical experience of democratisations. The authors, from seven different continents, examine civil society and its relation to the state throughout the world and assess prospects for sustainable democratization.
Category: Social Science

Einzelgang Und R Ckkehr Im Wandel Der Zeit

Author : Hannelore Van Ryneveld
ISBN : 9781920338466
Genre : Electronic books
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"The book definitely disseminates original research and reflects new developments worldwide ... “Each essay makes its own informative and original contribution of knowledge in the intersection and interaction between Germany and Africa at various times in history." – Prof Kathleen Thorpe Head of German Studies, Modern Languages, School of Literature and Language Studies, University of the Witwatersrand
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Militant Publics In India

Author : A. Valiani
ISBN : 9780230370630
Genre : Social Science
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Offers readers a telling glimpse of the social world in which militants are made, explaining how group physical training and technico-ethical experiments with it have created a powerful religious nationalist movement in Gujarat that has been held responsible for carrying out spectacular episodes of ethnic cleansing against Indian minorities.
Category: Social Science

Pillars Of The Nation

Author : Kristen E. Cheney
ISBN : 9780226102498
Genre : Social Science
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How can children simultaneously be the most important and least powerful people in a nation? In her innovative ethnography of Ugandan children—the pillars of tomorrow’s Uganda, according to the national youth anthem—Kristen E. Cheney answers this question by exploring the daily contradictions children face as they try to find their places amid the country’s rapidly changing social conditions. Drawing on the detailed life histories of several children, Cheney shows that children and childhood are being redefined by the desires of a young country struggling to position itself in the international community. She moves between urban schools, music festivals, and war zones to reveal how Ugandans are constructing childhood as an empowering identity for the development of the nation. Moreover, through her analysis of children’s rights ideology, national government strategy, and children’s everyday concerns, Cheney also shows how these young citizens are vitally linked to the global political economy as they navigate the pitfalls and possibilities for a brighter tomorrow.
Category: Social Science

Mobility Makes States

Author : Darshan Vigneswaran
ISBN : 9780812291292
Genre : Political Science
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Human mobility has long played a foundational role in producing state territories, resources, and hierarchies. When people move within and across national boundaries, they create both challenges and opportunities. In Mobility Makes States, chapters written by historians, political scientists, sociologists, and anthropologists explore different patterns of mobility in sub-Saharan Africa and how African states have sought to harness these movements toward their own ends. While border control and intercontinental migration policies remain important topics of study, Mobility Makes States demonstrates that immigration control is best understood alongside parallel efforts by states in Africa to promote both long-distance and everyday movements. The contributors challenge the image of a fixed and static state that is concerned only with stopping foreign migrants at its border, and show that the politics of mobility takes place across a wide range of locations, including colonial hinterlands, workplaces, camps, foreign countries, and city streets. They examine short-term and circular migrations, everyday commuting and urban expansion, forced migrations, emigrations, diasporic communities, and the mobility of gatekeepers and officers of the state who push and pull migrant populations in different directions. Through the experiences and trajectories of migration in sub-Saharan Africa, this empirically rich volume sheds new light on larger global patterns and state making processes. Contributors: Eric Allina, Oliver Bakewell, Pamila Gupta, Nauja Kleist, Loren B. Landau, Joel Quirk, Benedetta Rossi, Filipa Ribeiro da Silva, Simon Turner, Darshan Vigneswaran.
Category: Political Science

Fragments Of The Afghan Frontier

Author : Magnus Marsden
ISBN : 9781849040723
Genre : Afghanistan
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This is a history and ethnography of the North-West Frontier between Afghanistan and Pakistan, an area of increasing strategic interest to the West.
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