Chinese Assertiveness In The South China Sea

Author : Richard Q. Turcsányi
ISBN : 9783319676487
Genre : Political Science
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This book offers an assessment of China’s assertive foreign policy behavior with a special focus on Chinese policies in the South China Sea (SCS). By providing a detailed account of the events in the SCS and by analyzing power dynamics in the region, it identifies the driving forces behind China’s assertive foreign policy. Considering China’s power on a domestic as well as an international level, it examines a number of different sources of hard and soft power, including military, economics, geopolitics, and domestic legitimacy. The author demonstrates that Chinese assertiveness in the SCS can be explained not only by increases in China’s power, but also by effective reactions to other actors’ foreign policy changes. The book will appeal to scholars in international relations, especially those interested in a better understanding of South China Sea developments, China’s political power and foreign policy, and East Asian international affairs.
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The South China Sea Maritime Dispute

Author : Leszek Buszynski
ISBN : 9781317935483
Genre : LAW
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"The South China Sea, a major strategic waterway for trade to Japan and Korea, has been the focus of a maritime dispute for six decades, with competing claims from China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Brunei. Recently China has become more assertive in pressing its claims - harassing Vietnamese and Philippine fishing boats, publicising its claims more prominently, and threatening to board ships around the islands claimed by China. All of this is unsettling, with the United States supporting the Philippines, and developing security ties with Vietnam. This book examines the conflict potential of the current dispute, discusses the views of the main claimants and the United States, and assesses the prospects for resolution"--
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Major Law And Policy Issues In The South China Sea

Author : Dr Yann-huei Song
ISBN : 9781409455943
Genre : Law
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Major law and policy issues in the South China Sea are wide-ranging and often complex, involving claimants and non-claimants. In recent years disputes have resulted in third party involvement as manifested by actions taken by the United States, India and Japan. This book examines major law and policy issues in the South China Sea from legal and political perspectives and from the view point of American and European experts who have been studying the South China Sea issues for many years.
Category: Law

China And The South China Sea A Quest For Dominance In Global Politics

Author : Ebonine Victor
ISBN : 9783668579903
Genre : Political Science
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Master's Thesis from the year 2016 in the subject Politics - Basics and General, grade: 71, , course: International Relations, language: English, abstract: The study aims at uncovering the immediate and remote causes of china’s land reclamations and assertiveness in the South China Sea. It uncovers that it is not unconnected with the strategic importance of South China Sea, a sea that connects the Western-Pacific and Indian Ocean, routes that account for more than half of the world trade and containing large deposits of marine lives and hydrocarbons. Privatizing all these resources and the routes will lift China to the height of global power status, a position that will enable it to challenge the supremacy of U.S. hence, its sand filling and structures building agenda in South China Sea. Within the lenses of structural and offensive realism, the study captures the reasons for China’s actions, modernization agenda and even U.S "pivot" to Asia-Pacific as the quest for survival in a world without a government to restrain the actions of the states. The international system becomes a zero-sum game where the winner takes it all. Also, using the qualitative method of analysis to validate the research questions raised, the study finds out that the historic claims raised by China in its nine-dashed line is not founded in the UNCLOS. With the global security dilemma which continues to play out in the South China Sea, the study predicts that the dispute will not end anytime soon. Therefore, as part of efforts to reduce tension in the region, there is need for Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which has seemed impotent to tackle the dispute to forge one voice against China. With the idea of joint development of resources still the best option for the claimants, United States should show more commitment in the region in other to deter an assertive and aggressive China, which has recently shown greater international activism especially since the enthronement of Xi Jiping, the President of Peoples Republic of China.
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China S Assertive Nuclear Posture

Author : Baohui Zhang
ISBN : 9781317629320
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China’s nuclear capability is crucial for the balance of power in East Asia and the world. As this book reveals, there have been important changes recently in China’s nuclear posture: the movement from a minimum deterrence posture toward a medium nuclear power posture; the pursuit of space warfare and missile defence capabilities; and, most significantly, the omission in the 2013 Defence White Paper of any reference to the principle of No First Use. Employing the insights of structural realism, this book argues that the imperatives of an anarchic international order have been the central drivers of China’s nuclear assertiveness. The book also assesses the likely impact of China’s emerging nuclear posture on its neighbours and on the international strategic balance, especially with the United States. The book concludes by examining China’s future nuclear directions in the context of its apparent shift toward a more offensive-oriented international strategy.
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South China Sea Disputes Asean S Role In Addressing Disputes With China

Author : Cuong Hong Nguyen
ISBN : OCLC:970690030
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In recent years, tensions in the South China Sea have escalated due to China's assertiveness in the territorial disputes and other claimants' responses. These evolvements have made the region one of the hot spots in the world, and could directly influence regional security and international trade. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), as the regional key stakeholder, has made efforts to defuse tensions among the claimants and seek a long-term agreement in negotiation with China for peace, stability, security and development in the region. This research examines how ASEAN, as a stakeholder of a unified block of regional states, could address the South China Sea disputes with China.

Okinawa And Jeju Bases Of Discontent

Author : D. Kirk
ISBN : 9781137379092
Genre : Social Science
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This book investigates for the first time the parallels between two island appendages of much larger governments - Okinawa, Japan's southernmost island prefecture, in ferment over historic US bases; Jeju embroiled over a new South Korean naval base. The people of Okinawa and Jeju share a common fear of bloody conflict again erupting around them and suspect their governments would sacrifice their interests in a much larger war in a fight for regional control between the US, Japan, and China.
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The Sansha Garrison

Author : Orlana Skylar Mastro
ISBN : OCLC:881167660
Genre : South China Sea
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This report argues that China is conducting a coordinated and deliberate campaign of coercive diplomacy in the South China Sea. Mastro discusses how China's recent decision to build a military garrison in the city of Sansha challenges two key aspects of the conventional wisdom in Washington about China's South China Sea strategy: that China's assertive behavior results from actions taken by the civilian and military agencies independently of the central government and that China has been moderating its policies toward the South China Sea since 2009.
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Hard Choices

Author : Hillary Rodham Clinton
ISBN : 9781476751443
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Hillary Clinton's candid reflections about the key moments during her time as Secretary of State, as well as her thoughts about how to navigate the challenges of the 21st century.
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Construction Of Chinese Nationalism In The Early 21st Century

Author : Suisheng Zhao
ISBN : 9781317677604
Genre : Political Science
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Chinese nationalism is powered by a narrative of China's century of shame and humiliation in the hands of imperialist powers and calls for the Chinese government to redeem the past humiliations and take back all "lost territories." The continuing surge of Chinese nationalism in the early 21st century therefore has fed a roiling sense of anxiety in many political capitals about whether a virulent nationalism has emerged to make China’s rise anything but peaceful. This book addresses this anxiety by examining the domestic sources and foreign policy implications of Chinese nationalism in the early 21st century. It is divided into three parts. Part I is an overview of the scholarly debate about if the rise of Chinese nationalism has driven China’s foreign policy in a more irrational and inflexible direction in the first one and half decades of the 21st century. Part II analyzes the construction of Chinese nationalism by a variety of domestic forces, including the communist state, the angry youth (fen qing), liberal intellectuals, and ethnic groups. Part III explores whether Chinese nationalism is affirmative, assertive, or aggressive through the case studies of China’s maritime territorial disputes with Japan in the East China Sea and with several Southeast Asian countries in the South China Sea, the border controversy over the ancient Koguryo with Korea, and the cross-Taiwan Strait relations. This book was based on articles published in the Journal of Contemporary China.
Category: Political Science