Capitalism And Slavery

Author : Eric Williams
ISBN : 9781329560086
Genre : History
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The present study is an attempt to place in historical perspective the relationship between early capitalism as exemplified by Great Britain, and the Negro slave trade, Negro slavery and the general colonial trade of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It is strictly an economic study of the role of Negro slavery and the slave trade in providing the capital which financed the Industrial Revolution in England and of mature industrial capitalism in destroying the slave system.
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Capitalism And Slavery Fifty Years Later

Author : Heather Cateau
ISBN : 0820441716
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Annotation Eleven papers from a conference, held at the U. of the West Indies in September 1996, which was dedicated to reexamining the issues raised by historian Williams' work on Caribbean slavery and British capitalism. Among the topics explored are the institutions that shaped Williams' views, the political impact of his work, the role of within the changing narrative of the Industrial Revolution, and the economic basis of Britain's abolition of the slave trade in the early 19th century. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
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British Capitalism And Caribbean Slavery

Author : Barbara Lewis Solow
ISBN : 0521533201
Genre : History
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Modern scholarship on the relationship between British capitalism and Caribbean slavery has been profoundly influenced by Eric Williams's 1944 classic, Capitalism and Slavery. The present volume represents the proceedings of a conference on Caribbean Slavery and British Capitalism convened in his honour in 1984, and includes essays on Dr Williams's scholarly work and influence. These essays, by thirteen scholars from the United States, England, Africa, Canada and the Caribbean, explore the relationship between Great Britain and her plantation slave colonies in the Caribbean.
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Flush Times And Fever Dreams

Author : Joshua D. Rothman
ISBN : 9780820333267
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In 1834 Virgil Stewart rode from western Tennessee to a territory known as the "Arkansas morass" in pursuit of John Murrell, a thief accused of stealing two slaves. Stewart's adventure led to a sensational trial and a wildly popular published account that would ultimately help trigger widespread violence during the summer of 1835, when five men accused of being professional gamblers were hanged in Vicksburg, nearly a score of others implicated with a gang of supposed slave thieves were executed in plantation districts, and even those who tried to stop the bloodshed found themselves targeted as dangerous and subversive. Using Stewart's story as his point of entry, Joshua D. Rothman details why these events, which engulfed much of central and western Mississippi, came to pass. He also explains how the events revealed the fears, insecurities, and anxieties underpinning the cotton boom that made Mississippi the most seductive and exciting frontier in the Age of Jackson. As investors, settlers, slaves, brigands, and fortune-hunters converged in what was then America's Southwest, they created a tumultuous landscape that promised boundless opportunity and spectacular wealth. Predicated on ruthless competition, unsustainable debt, brutal exploitation, and speculative financial practices that looked a lot like gambling, this landscape also produced such profound disillusionment and conflict that it contained the seeds of its own potential destruction. Rothman sheds light on the intertwining of slavery and capitalism in the period leading up to the Panic of 1837, highlighting the deeply American impulses underpinning the evolution of the slave South and the dizzying yet unstable frenzy wrought by economic flush times. It is a story with lessons for our own day. Published in association with the Library Company of Philadelphia's Program in African American History. A Sarah Mills Hodge Fund Publication.
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British Capitalism And British Slavery

Author : Eric Williams
ISBN : 1937306046
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Almost seventy years ago, historian and then Trinidadian Prime Minister Eric Williams published his classic Capitalism and Slavery (re-titled for this edition, "British Capitalism and British Slavery"). In the introduction to "British Capitalism and British Slavery," a title which more aptly captures Williams's work, historian Seymour Drescher notes, "If one criterion of a classic is its ability to reorient our most basic way of viewing an object or a concept, Eric Williams's study supremely passes that test.... The achievement of Capitalism and Slavery is that Williams made it impossible for historians ever to return to the posture of splendid moral isolation which characterized the story of British slave emancipation for more than a century. Williams's foremost aim was to insist as never before on the banality of the history of slavery.... Williams's most enduring message was that abolition could not have triumphed independently of economic developments linked to industrialization. This simple hypothesis has already proven to be more fruitful than those offered by historians in the century before him." Readers interested in global capitalism, transatlantic slaving, industrialization, emancipation, and Africa and the (British) Caribbean will find necessary context in the new introduction and much to digest in the classic text itself.
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Slavery And The Rise Of The Atlantic System

Author : Barbara L. Solow
ISBN : 0521457378
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Placing slavery in the mainstream of modern history, the essays in this survey describe its transfer from the Old World, its role in forging the interdependence of the Atlantic economies, and its impact on Africa.
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Slavery S Capitalism

Author : Sven Beckert
ISBN : 9780812248418
Genre : History
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Slavery's Capitalism explores the role of slavery in the development of the U.S. economy during the first decades of the nineteenth century. It tells the history of slavery as a story of national, even global, economic importance and investigates the role of enslaved Americans in the building of the modern world.
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Capitalism And Antislavery

Author : Seymour Drescher
ISBN : 9780195205343
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The age of British abolitionism came into consolidated strength in 1787-88 with the first mass campaign against the slave trade and ended just half a century later in 1838 with a mass petition movement against Negro Apprenticeship. Drescher focuses on this critical fifty-year period, when the people of the Empire effectively pressured and eventually altered national policy. Presenting a major reassessment of the roots, nature, and significance of Britain's successful struggle against slavery, he illuminates a novel turn in the history of antislavery, when for the first time, the most effective agents in the abolition process were non-slave masses, including working men and women. This not only set Britain off from ancient Rome, medieval western Europe, and early modern Russia, but, in scale and duration, it distinguished Britain from its 19th-century continental European counterparts as well. Viewing British abolitionism against the backdrop of larger national and international events, this provocative study challenges readers to look anew at the politics of slavery and social change in a prominent era of British history.
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Cul De Sac

Author : Paul Cheney
ISBN : 9780226079356
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Introduction. The colonial Cul de Sac -- Province and colony -- Production and investment -- Humanity and interest -- War and profit -- Husband and wife -- Revolution and cultivation -- Evacuation and indemnity -- Epilogue
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