Encyclopedia Of Community

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Primary Health Care In Urban Communities

Author : Beverly Jane McElmurry
ISBN : 0763710105
Genre : Medical
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This book takes primary health care concepts out of the classroom and explores their efficacy in real world situations. Written by academics and community leaders alike, Primary Health Care in Urban Communities details partnerships formed between health professionals, institutions, local governments, and organizations in an effort to provide accessible, acceptable, and affordable health services to underserved populations.
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Rebuilding Communities

Author : Harvey J. Bertcher
ISBN : 0789007223
Genre : Medical
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Rebuilding Communities: Challenges for Group Work is a collection of research and information presented at the 18th Annual Symposium of the Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups. Social workers, students, educators, and practitioners will examine how group work can improve multicultural relations within the community. Through your use of the valuable suggestions in this book, you will discover new ways to help the poor in your community help themselves, while giving them a sense of power and self-esteem to help them battle racism, sexism, and shrinking economic opportunities. Through Rebuilding Communities, you will also discover a formula for global group work that will help you make a difference by applying your hometown skills to the global community. This valuable book discusses the need for you to combine energy with humility, offer assistance with the ability to listen, to intervene when necessary, and to comprehend diversity for successful and beneficial group programs. This informative guide brings to light the skills and values needed for effective group work and how combining knowledge-base and practice-base will assist you in making a positive impact on your community. With this important book, you will find a rich source of current thinking about group work practice in relation to women, violence, health problems, child welfare, and other areas, as well as group work theory to help you find the best way to help the various people of your community. Rebuilding Communities will provide you with specific ways to improve your group work skills and positively affect the individuals in your community, such as: learning that your role of caring and advocacy as a group worker must be a complete and lifelong commitment and that you must be prepared to use your skills throughout your everyday life to make a difference using the World Wide Web to form groups whose members can support one another through the anger, joy, pain, and challenges of life learning how group work can help calm the stormy transitions that adolescent immigrants face by helping them relate to other children who are in similar circumstances examining how parents of pediatric urology patients find solace through groups where they can address such sensitive issues as the future of sexual functioning and fertility for their children discovering how marathon group sessions in South Africa are helping to provide basic services to the disadvantaged with programs to facilitate interracial contact and understanding among women and programs for adolescents boys in foster care Rebuilding Communities offers you a deeper understanding of the total positive effect that group work can have on various sectors of your community to help you provide better services to those in need. This unique book focuses your attention on the importance of group work to community development and even provides you with a glimpse into the future of group work. With Rebuilding Communities you will discover a multifaceted approach to solving problems that communities face to help you choose the best options for your own community and give the best possible services to the people you assist.
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Kleinst Dte Und Nachhaltigkeit

Author : Paul Knox
ISBN : 9783034608985
Genre : Architecture
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In einer Zeit, in der der Prozess der Globalisierung die Besonderheiten kleiner Städte und ihre Vitalität bedroht, und in der sich die meisten stadtplanerischen Diskussionen um Themen wie Metropolregionen oder Mega-Regionen und Weltstädte drehen, sehen die Autoren die Notwendigkeit, das Potenzial kleiner Ortschaften kritisch zu reflektieren. Sie veranschaulichen, wie Kleinstädte die Herausforderung einer schnelllebigen und globalisierten Welt annehmen können, und stellen anhand von Fallbeispielen Bewegungen, Programme und Strategien vor, die örtliche Kulturen, Traditionen, Identitäten und Nachhaltigkeit effektiv zu fördern wissen. Kleinstädte spielen oftmals eine entscheidende Rolle innerhalb regionaler Wirtschaftssysteme. Wenn Kleinstädte sich auf ihre spezifischen Eigenschaften konzentrieren und ihre Möglichkeiten nutzen, können sie zu stabilen Nischen in regionalen, nationalen und globalen Ökonomien werden und wesentlich dazu beitragen, eine nachhaltige Zukunft zu gestalten.
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Student Development And Social Justice

Author : Tessa Hicks Peterson
ISBN : 9783319574578
Genre : Education
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This book weaves together critical components of student development and community building for social justice to prepare students to engage effectively in community-campus partnerships for social change. The author combines diverse theoretical models such as critical pedagogy, asset-based community development, and healing justice with lessons from programs promoting indigenous knowledge, decolonization, and mindfulness. Most importantly, this book links theory to practice, offering service-learning classroom activities, course and community partnership criteria, learning outcomes, and assessment rubrics. It speaks to students, faculty, administrators, and community members who are interested in utilizing community engagement as a vehicle for the development of students and communities towards wellbeing and social justice.
Category: Education

Developmental Assets And Asset Building Communities

Author : Richard M. Lerner
ISBN : 9781461500919
Genre : Psychology
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Developmental Assets and Asset-Building Communities examines the relationships of developmental assets to other approaches and bodies of work. It raises challenges about the asset-building approach and offers recommendations for how this approach can be strengthened and broadened in impact and research. In doing so, this book extends the scholarly base for the understanding of the character and scope of the systemic relation between young people's healthy development and the nature of developmentally attentive communities. The chapters in this volume present evidence that asset-building communities both promote and are promoted by positive youth development, a bi-directional, systemic linkage that - consistent with developmental systems theory - further civil society by building relationship and intergenerational places within a community that are united in attending to the developmental needs of children and adolescents.
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Handbook Of Adult Resilience

Author : John W. Reich
ISBN : 9781606234891
Genre : Psychology
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What enables people to bounce back from stressful experiences? How do certain individuals maintain a sense of purpose and direction over the long term, even in the face of adversity? This is the first book to move beyond childhood and adolescence to explore resilience across the lifespan. Coverage ranges from genetic and physiological factors through personal, family, organizational, and community processes. Contributors examine how resilience contributes to health and well-being across the adult life cycle; why—and what happens when—resilience processes fail; ethnic and cultural dimensions of resilience; and ways to enhance adult resilience, including reviews of exemplary programs.
Category: Psychology

Asset Building Community Development

Author : Gary Paul Green
ISBN : 9781483387017
Genre : Business & Economics
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A comprehensive approach focused on sustainable change Asset Building and Community Development, Fourth Edition examines the promise and limits of community development by showing students and practitioners how asset-based developments can improve the sustainability and quality of life. Authors Gary Paul Green and Anna Haines provide an engaging, thought-provoking, and comprehensive approach to asset building by focusing on the role of different forms of community capital in the development process. Updated throughout, this edition explores how communities are building on their key assets—physical, human, social, financial, environmental, political, and cultural capital— to generate positive change. With a focus on community outcomes, the authors illustrate how development controlled by community-based organizations provides a better match between assets and the needs of the community.
Category: Business & Economics