Beyond The Homeland

Author : Claudia Sagona
ISBN : UOM:39015075654346
Genre : History
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Despite the flurry of research on aspects of Phoenician culture, encompassing their socio-economic developments and the mechanics of their settlement of Mediterranean coastal lands, the fundamental issue of dating Phoenician achievements remains quite fluid. A range of criteria - textual sources, artefact analysis, stratigraphic data, and, increasingly, radiocarbon readings - provide a bewildering and sometimes conflicting picture of Phoenician chronology, which, in many respects, remains tenuous and free-floating. Owing to the nature of Phoenician colonisation, its chronology is often compartmentalised into discrete regional units. This volume brings together a number of essays focusing squarely on the chronology of the Phoenician-Punic world, ranging from the homeland to the western settlements. The essays are written by specialists in their field, who have encapsulated the chronological framework, and the problems therein, for regions touched by Phoenicians interests. A benchmark study, Beyond the Homeland will be of value not only to Phoenician-Punic scholars, but also to those in related fields who need an accessible study (in English) to navigate the chronological complexities of the field.
Category: History

The Call Of The Homeland

Author : Allon Gal
ISBN : 9789004182103
Genre : Social Science
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This book brings together an array of distinguished scholars to consider diaspora nationalism. Through theoretical, typological and case-specific essays that discuss the Jewish, Greek, Armenian, Irish, Turkish, Sikh, Ukrainian, Hindu, Pentecostal and Muslim diasporas, the book shows the varieties and qualities of attachment of diaspora communities to their ancestral homelands, and the role that hostlands as well as the immigrants play in the form and intensity of these attachments. Setting contemporary diaspora nationalisms in the context of globalisation, with its ever-developing methods of transportation and communication, the book further shows the emergence of new concepts of diaspora - new notions of being at home and away from home - and of new ways of creating and sustaining ethnic networks and contact with the homeland, such as the internet and tourism.
Category: Social Science

Homeland Security

Author : Richard H. Ward
ISBN : 9781437755503
Genre : Law
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This book provides a basic overview for of homeland security, including the creation of homeland security, the homeland security transformation, homeland security strategies and initiatives, and legal issues related to homeland security. Chapters supplemented by tables, figures, boxed inserts, related websites, and photos. Appendices include selected commission recommendations, 9/11 hijackers, organizational charts and mission statements of selected agencies.
Category: Law

Beyond The Storms

Author : Dane S Egli
ISBN : 9781317476009
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This book deals with both actual and potential terrorist attacks on the United States as well as natural disaster preparedness and management in the current era of global climate change. The topics of preparedness, critical infrastructure investments, and risk assessment are covered in detail. The author takes the reader beyond counterterrorism statistics, better first responder equipment, and a fixation on FEMA grant proposals to a holistic analysis and implementation of mitigation, response, and recovery efforts. The recent Oklahoma tornadoes and West Texas storage tank explosion show the unpredictability of disaster patterns, and the Boston Marathon bombings expose the difficulty in predicting and preventing attacks. Egli makes a compelling case for a culture of resilience by asserting a new focus on interagency collaboration, public-private partnerships, and collective action. Building upon the lessons of the 9/11 attacks, hurricane Katrina, and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the basic findings are supported by a creative mix of case studies, which include superstorm Sandy, cascading power outages, GPS and other system vulnerabilities, and Japan's Fukushima disaster with its sobering aftermath. This book will help a new generation of leaders understand the need for smart resilience.

Post 9 11 Espionage Fiction In The Us And Pakistan

Author : Cara Cilano
ISBN : 9781317671695
Genre : Literary Collections
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As the events of 11 September 2001 and their aftermath influence new developments in spy fiction as a popular genre, an examination of these literary narratives concerned with espionage and terrorism can reshape our approach to non-fictive representations of the same concerns. Post-9/11 Espionage Fiction in the US and Pakistan examines post-9/11 American spy fictions alongside Pakistani novels that draw upon many of the same figures, tropes, and conventions. As the Pakistani texts re-place spy fiction’s conventions, they offer another vantage point from which to view the affective appeals common to these conventions’ usual deployment in American texts. This book argues that the appropriation by Pakistani writers of these conventions insistently tracks how the formulaic and popular nature of post-9/11 American espionage thrillers forwards and reinforces "appropriate" affective responses, often linked to domestic sites and relations, to "terrorism." It also analyses and compares American and Pakistani representations of the twinned figures of the spy (or his proxy) and the "terrorist," a term frequently conflated with fundamentalist. The insights of these analyses can serve as interpretive interruptions of non-fictive representations of Pakistani-US "war on terror" relations. Offering an innovative analysis of the reflection of narrative conventions in our view of the real-life events, this book will attract scholars with an interest in Pakistani literature, Postcolonial literature, Asian Studies and Terrorism studies.
Category: Literary Collections


Author : Witold Gombrowicz
ISBN : 9780300183399
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Just before the outbreak of World War II, young Witold Gombrowicz left his home in Poland and set sail for South America. In 1953, still living as an expatriate in Argentina, he began his Diary with one of literature's most memorable openings: "Monday Me. Tuesday Me. Wednesday Me. Thursday Me." Gombrowicz's Diary grew to become a vast collection of essays, short notes, polemics, and confessions on myriad subjects ranging from political events to literature to the certainty of death. Not a traditional journal, Diary is instead the commentary of a brilliant and restless mind. Widely regarded as a masterpiece, this brilliant work compelled Gombrowicz's attention for a decade and a half until he penned his final entry in France, shortly before his death in 1969. Long out of print in English, Diary is now presented in a convenient single volume featuring a new preface by Rita Gombrowicz, the author's widow and literary executor. This edition also includes ten previously unpublished pages from the 1969 portion of the diary.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Beyond Dutch Borders

Author : Liza Mügge
ISBN : 9789089642448
Genre : Social Science
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"Despite widespread scepticism in receiving societies, migrants often remain loyal to their former homeland and stay active in the politics there. "Beyond Dutch borders" is about such ties. Combining extensive fieldwork with quantitative data, this book compares how transnational political involvement among guest workers from Turkey and post-colonial migrants from Surinam living in the Netherlands has evolved over the past half-century. It looks at Turks seeking to improve their position in Dutch society, Kurds lobbying for equal rights in Turkey and Surinamese hoping to boost development in their country of origin. Sending-state governments, political parties and organisations are shown to be key shapers of transnational migrant politics both in opposition to, and support of, homeland ruling elites. Meanwhile, it becomes clear that migrants' border-crossing loyalties and engagement have not dented their political integration in the receiving societies - quite the opposite. Certainly in this respect, the sceptics have been wrong."
Category: Social Science

Foundations Of Homeland Security

Author : Martin J. Alperen
ISBN : 0470934603
Genre : Political Science
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This book is the complete guide to understanding the structure of homeland security – its underlying law and policy. Created from a broad and in depth, yet edited collection of statutes, policy papers, presidential directives, and other documents, it cultivates a detailed understanding of the foundations of homeland security. It is arranged in a topic-by-topic format structured to include only the documents and statues that affect a particular subject, making for much easier understanding. Thus, the chapter on FEMA contains only the portions of the statutes and other documents that relate to FEMA. There are twenty-five topic areas. It contains hundreds of end notes, references, and suggestions for further study. This book offers important legal guidance that students, law enforcement officers, lawyers, and other homeland security professionals need to accurately interpret, understand, and apply homeland security policy. The Introduction provides an in-depth overview of the subject of homeland security and includes a discussion of what is homeland security, definitions of homeland security and terrorism, what is homeland security law, its development, and what is a homeland security curriculum. There are contributing chapters about homeland security in Europe, and homeland security in China and Japan.
Category: Political Science