Beyond Bars

Author : Jeffrey Ross
ISBN : 9781101108529
Genre : Social Science
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Can the common criminal get a fresh start? An essential resource for former convicts and their families post-incarceration. The United States has the largest criminal justice system in the world, with currently over 7 million adults and juveniles in jail, prison, or community custody. Because they spend enough time in prison to disrupt their connections to their families and their communities, they are not prepared for the difficult and often life-threatening process of reentry. As a result, the percentage of these people who return to a life of crime and additional prison time escalates each year. Beyond Bars is the most current, practical, and comprehensive guide for ex-convicts and their families about managing a successful reentry into the community and includes: *Tips on how to prepare for release while still in Prison *Ways to deal with family members, especially spouses and children *Finding a job *Money issues such as budgets, bank accounts, taxes, and debt *Avoiding drugs and other illicit activities *Free resources to rely on for support
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Global Perspectives On Re Entry

Author : Ikponwosa O. Ekunwe
ISBN : 9789514483493
Genre : Social Science
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"Global Perspectives on Re-Entry explores the challenges facing ex-prisoners as they attempt to return to society after serving time in prison. The problem of re-entry is of growing interest to academics, correctional professionals and policy makers who are concerned with high rates of incarceration and the increase in the numbers of prisoners caught up in the revolving door of criminal justice. This book is the first attempt to explore the problem of re-entry from an international perspective. The focus of this book is on strategies utilized in various parts of the Western world that shed light on the struggles facing ex-prisoners upon re-entry, as well as on the way different countries have attempted to solve these problems. The book seeks to address the important set of issues involved by bringing together the best of recent research and ideas on the subject of desistance from crime around the world, with a distinct focus on how research might impact upon the implementation of ex-offender reintegration policies. The book is divided into two sections. The chapters in the first part, Societal / Institutional Perspective, consider the societal and institutional issues in different countries. The chapters in the second part of the book, Perspective of the Ex-Offender, present various viewpoints of experts with first-hand accounts of the re-entry experiences of ex-convicts."--Publisher's description.
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Verunsicherte Gesellschaft

Author : Rolf Hepp
ISBN : 9783658129026
Genre : Social Science
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Die Beiträge des Bandes analysieren unter internationaler Perspektive transdisziplinär aktuelle Prekarisierungstendenzen in verschiedenen Ländern. Sie beziehen sich auf diverse gesellschaftliche Teilbereiche. Die AutorInnen zeigen auf, wie sich Prekarität jeweils konkret in unterschiedliche soziale Strukturen einschreibt.
Category: Social Science

Key Issues In Corrections

Author : Jeffrey Ian Ross
ISBN : 9781447318750
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 88.80 MB
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Key Issues in Corrections critically analyzes the most important challenges affecting the correctional system in the USA, offering a no-nonsense explanation of the problems of correctional officers, correctional managers, prisoners, and the public.
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Author : Miriam Boeri
ISBN : 9780520966710
Genre : Social Science
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Hurt: Chronicles of the Drug War Generation weaves engaging first-person accounts of the lives of baby boomer drug users, including author Miriam Boeri’s first-hand knowledge as the sister of a heroin addict. The compelling stories are set in historical context, from the cultural influence of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll to contemporary discourse that pegs drug addiction as a disease punishable by incarceration. With penetrating insight and conscientious attention to the intersectionality of race, gender, and class, Boeri reveals the impact of an increasingly punitive War on Drugs on a hurting generation.
Category: Social Science

The Globalization Of Supermax Prisons

Author : Jeffrey Ian Ross
ISBN : 9780813557427
Genre : Social Science
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“Supermax” prisons, conceived by the United States in the early 1980s, are typically reserved for convicted political criminals such as terrorists and spies and for other inmates who are considered to pose a serious ongoing threat to the wider community, to the security of correctional institutions, or to the safety of other inmates. Prisoners are usually restricted to their cells for up to twenty-three hours a day and typically have minimal contact with other inmates and correctional staff. Not only does the Federal Bureau of Prisons operate one of these facilities, but almost every state has either a supermax wing or stand-alone supermax prison. The Globalization of Supermax Prisons examines why nine advanced industrialized countries have adopted the supermax prototype, paying particular attention to the economic, social, and political processes that have affected each state. Featuring essays that look at the U.S.-run prisons of Abu Ghraib and Guantanemo, this collection seeks to determine if the American model is the basis for the establishment of these facilities and considers such issues as the support or opposition to the building of a supermax and why opposition efforts failed; the allegation of human rights abuses within these prisons; and the extent to which the decision to build a supermax was influenced by developments in the United States. Additionally, contributors address such domestic matters as the role of crime rates, media sensationalism, and terrorism in each country’s decision to build a supermax prison.
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Cutting The Edge

Author : Jeffrey Ian Ross
ISBN : 9781412815277
Genre : Political Science
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Understanding crime, criminals, and criminal justice from a radical/critical perspective is indispensable in today's academic, applied research, and policy sectors. Neglect of this approach leads to narrow-mindedness and the probability of repeating past mistakes or reinventing the wheel. Cutting the Edge by Jeffrey Ian Ross will encourage individuals and organizations, especially students and instructors, to innovatively identify ways of experimenting with new policy initiatives designed to improve not only criminal justice, but social and human justice as well. Ross has significantly changed this volume to include six new chapters and three revised ones as well. The studies chosen demonstrate the difference between critical criminology and other approaches used to study and explain criminological phenomena. The authors do not approach the inequalities of the criminal justice system as phenomena that should be studied, but as wrongs that must be righted. Cutting-edge critical criminology combines concerns about fairness in punishment, tools of class analysis and the insights of feminism, postmodernism, and ethnography. The authors included here wield these newer tools with elegance and enthusiasm. Written with passion by experts in the field, the book engages the mind as fully as it engages the emotions.
Category: Political Science

The Marion Experiment

Author : Stephen C. Richards
ISBN : 9780809333769
Genre : Social Science
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The Marion Experiment combines academic research with personal accounts by prisoners to investigate solitary confinement and supermax prisons. USP Marion became a model for supermax prisons, with many other prison systems—in the U.S. and abroad—copying the special architectural and program innovations there.
Category: Social Science

Beyond The Prison Gates

Author : Warren Rosenblum
ISBN : 9781469606767
Genre : Law
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Germany today has one of the lowest incarceration rates in the industrialized world, and social welfare principles play an essential role at all levels of the German criminal justice system. Warren Rosenblum examines the roots of this social approach to criminal policy in the reform movements of the Wilhelmine and Weimar periods, when reformers strove to replace state institutions of control and incarceration with private institutions of protective supervision. Reformers believed that private charities and volunteers could diagnose and treat social pathologies in a way that coercive state institutions could not. The expansion of welfare for criminals set the stage for a more economical system of punishment, Rosenblum argues, but it also opened the door to new, more expansive controls over individuals marked as "asocial." With the reformers' success, the issue of who had power over welfare became increasingly controversial and dangerous. Other historians have suggested that the triumph of eugenics in the 1890s was predicated upon the abandonment of liberal and Christian assumptions about human malleability. Rosenblum demonstrates, however, that the turn to "criminal biology" was not a reaction against social reform, but rather an effort to rescue its legitimacy.
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