Ancient History From Coins

Author : Christopher Howgego
ISBN : 9781134877836
Genre : History
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Like other volumes in this series, Ancient History from Coins demystifies a specialism, introducing students (from first year upwards) to the techniques, methods, problems and advantages of using coins to do ancient history. Coins are a fertile source of information for the ancient historian; yet too often historians are uneasy about using them as evidence because of the special problems attaching to their interpretation. The world of numismatics is not always easy for the non-specialist to penetrate or understand with confidence. Dr Howgego describes and anlyses the main contributions the study of coins can make to ancient history, showing shows through numerous examples how the character, patterns and behaviour of coinage bear on major historical themes. Topics range from state finance and economic policy to imperial domination and political propaganda through coins types. The period covered by the book is from the invention of coinage (ca 600BC) to AD 400.
Category: History

The Dictionary Of The Bible And Ancient Media

Author : Tom Thatcher
ISBN : 9780567678386
Genre : Religion
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The Dictionary of the Bible and Ancient Media (DBAM) is a convenient and authoritative reference tool which relates specific terms and concepts to the study of the Bible and related literature in ancient communications culture. Particularly since the early 1980s, scholars have begun to explore the potentials of interdisciplinary theories of oral tradition, oral performance, personal and collective memory, ancient literacy and scribality, visual culture, and ritual for considerations of critical and exegetical problems in the study of the Bible, the history of Israel, Christian origins,and rabbinics. DBAM responds to the rapid growth of the field by providing a reference tool that offers definitions and discussions of relevant terms and concepts and the relationships between them. This volume begins with an overview of "ancient media studies" and a brief history of research to orient the novice reader to the field and the broader research context of the book. It features individual entries of 300-5000 words on terms and topics commonly encountered in studies of the Bible in ancient media culture. Each entry defines the term/concept under consideration, then offers more sustained discussion of the topic often with particular attention to its relevance to the study of the Bible and related literature. For convenience, individual entries are catalogued alphabetically and cross-referenced to indicate connections between the various topics; electronic versions of this resource are internally hyperlinked using the same reference system.
Category: Religion

Economy Of Pompeii

Author : Andrew Wilson
ISBN : 9780198786573
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This volume presents fourteen papers by Roman archaeologists and historians discussing approaches to the economic history of Pompeii, and the role of the Pompeian evidence in debates about the Roman economy. Four themes are discussed. The first of these is the position of Pompeii and its agricultural environment, discussing the productivity and specialization of agriculture in the Vesuvian region, and the degree to which we can explain Pompeii's size and wealth on the basis of the city's economichinterland. A second issue discussed is what Pompeians got out of their economy: how well-off were people in Pompeii? This involves discussing the consumption of everyday consumer goods, analyzing archaeobotanical remains to highlight the quality of Pompeian diets, and discussing what bone remainsreveal about the health of the inhabitants of Pompeii. A third theme is economic life in the city: how are we to understand the evidence for crafts and manufacturing? How are we to assess Pompeii's commercial topography? Who were the people who actually invested in constructing shops and workshops?In which economic contexts were Pompeian paintings produced? Finally, the volume discusses money and business: how integrated was Pompeii into the wider world of commerce and exchange, and what can the many coins found at Pompeii tell us about this? What do the wax tablets found near Pompeii tell usabout trade in the Bay of Naples in the first century AD? Together, the chapters of this volume highlight how Pompeii became a very rich community, and how it profited from its position in the centre of the Roman world.

Pergamon And The Hellenistic Kingdoms Of The Ancient World

Author : Carlos A. Picón
ISBN : 9781588395870
Genre : Art
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The Hellenistic period—the nearly three centuries between the death of Alexander the Great, in 323 B.C., and the suicide of the Egyptian queen Kleopatra VII (the famous "Cleopatra"), in 30 B.C.—is one of the most complex and exciting epochs of ancient Greek art. The unprecedented geographic sweep of Alexander's conquests changed the face of the ancient world forever, forging diverse cultural connections and exposing Greek artists to a host of new influences and artistic styles. This beautifully illustrated volume examines the rich diversity of art forms that arose through the patronage of the royal courts of the Hellenistic kingdoms, placing special emphasis on Pergamon, capital of the Attalid dynasty, which ruled over large parts of Asia Minor. With its long history of German-led excavations, Pergamon provides a superb paradigm of a Hellenistic capital, appointed with important civic institutions—a great library, theater, gymnasium, temples, and healing center—that we recognize today as central features of modern urban life. The military triumphs of Alexander and his successors led to the expansion of Greek culture out from the traditional Greek heartland to the Indus River Valley in the east and as far west as the Strait of Gibraltar. These newly established Hellenistic kingdoms concentrated wealth and power, resulting in an unparalleled burst of creativity in all the arts, from architecture and sculpture to seal engraving and glass production. Pergamon and the Hellenistic Kingdoms of the Ancient World brings together the insights of a team of internationally renowned scholars, who reveal how the art of Classical Greece was transformed during this period, melding with predominantly Eastern cultural traditions to yield new standards and conventions in taste and style.
Category: Art

The Numismatic Chronicle

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X004050440
Genre : Numismatic chronicle and journal of the Royal Numismatic Society
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"The rules of the Numismatic Society of London" bound with New Ser., v. 1.
Category: Numismatic chronicle and journal of the Royal Numismatic Society

Book List

Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556039004577
Genre : Bible
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Yakjuj Makjuj 5 Gelombang Pembawa Bencana

Author : Muhammad Alexander
ISBN : 9789673660711
Genre : Religion
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"Bergembiralah kamu kerana sesungguhnya seorang lelaki daripada kamu adalah sama dengan 1000 orang daripada Yakjuj dan Makjuj" Hadis direkodkan oleh Bukhari. Buku Yakjuj & Makjuj: Bencana Di Sebalik Gunung (2009) mendedahkan bangsa misteri yang disebutkan di dalam al-Quran, Yakjuj & Makjuj. Isu-isu misteri kian terungkap dengan penemuan bangsa Scythia yang mirip dengan karakter Yakjuj & Makjuj dan Pergunungan Kaukasus sebagai lokasi 'tembok' Yakjuj & Makjuj. Bukti-bukti sejarah kian menunjukkan kebenaran ini. Namun, bangsa Scythia hanyalah satu daripada bangsa Yakjuj dan Makjuj. Buku Yakjuj & Makjuj: Lima Gelombang Pembawa Bencana ini mendedahkan lima bangsa Yakjuj & Makjuj yang terkenal dengan serangan kejam dalam sejarah * Menghurai keturunan Yakjuj & Makjuj bermula daripada keturunan Nabi Nuh * Sifat yang ada pada Yakjuj & Makjuj terdapat dalam keturunannya sekarang * Apabila tiba masa yang dijanjikan, lima bangsa ini akan kembali menguasai bumi.
Category: Religion