Ancient Egypt

Author : Alan B. Lloyd
ISBN : 9780199286195
Genre : History
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In Ancient Egypt: State and Society, Alan B. Lloyd attempts to define, analyse, and evaluate the institutional and ideological systems which empowered and sustained one of the most successful civilizations of the ancient world for a period in excess of three and a half millennia. Covering the entirity of the civilization, and featuring a large number of up-to-date translations of original Egyptian texts, Ancient Egyptfocuses on the main aspects of Egyptian culture which gave the society its particular character, and endeavours to establish what allowed the Egyptians to maintain that character for an extraordinary length of time, despiteenduring cultural shock of many different kinds.
Category: History

The Archaeology Of Urbanism In Ancient Egypt

Author : Nadine Moeller
ISBN : 9781107079755
Genre : History
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This book presents the latest archaeological evidence that makes a case for Egypt as an early urban society. It traces the emergence of urban features during the Predynastic Period up to the disintegration of the powerful Middle Kingdom state (ca. 3500-1650 BC).
Category: History

The Birth Of The State

Author : Charvát, Petr
ISBN : 9788024622149
Genre : History
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In the book titled Birth of the State, readers learn what researchers nowadays think about the rise and stabilization of the oldest statehood in the original civilization centres of the Old World - Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China. The scholar takes them through essential economic, political and spiritual changes caused in those societies by the rise and stabilization of the first states. The overviews are completed with a comprehensive view of the entire theme, attempting to provide a balanced view of the rise of the oldest states not only as a question of economy, politics or power, but also as exceeding the basic threshold in the spiritual sphere. The book allows the very founders and cultivators of the oldest state units to speak: in the moments when their work seemed to be on the verge of total collapse, they spoke to their contemporaries urging them to defend the ideals that formed the basis of their civilizations. The book is intended for university students as well as others interested in the rise and development of the oldest states of the humankind.
Category: History

State And Society

Author : John Gledhill
ISBN : 9780415122559
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 31.4 MB
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The traditional Eurocentric view of state formation and the rise of civilisations is vigorously challenged in this broad-ranging and innovative volume. By bringing archaeological research into contact with the work of ethno-historians and anthropologists, and by constantly challenging trends in interpretation, State and Society offers analyses of political centralization and resistance to it in a diverse range of historical and geographical contexts.
Category: Social Science

Ancient Egypt

Author : Barry J. Kemp
ISBN : 0415063469
Genre : History
File Size : 70.71 MB
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This comprehensive survey of Egyptian society and history transforms our understanding of this remarkable civilisation.
Category: History

Ancient Egypt

Author : B. G. Trigger
ISBN : 0521284279
Genre : History
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This book, first published in 1983, presents an innovative perspective on the ancient societies which flourished in the Nile Valley.
Category: History

State And Society In Mid Nineteenth Century Egypt

Author : Ehud R. Toledano
ISBN : 0521534534
Genre : History
File Size : 89.99 MB
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Previous studies of nineteenth-century Egypt have often been premature in identifying the existence of an independent nation state. In a way which will permanently affect our view of Egyptian history, this book argues that in the mid-nineteenth-century period Egypt was still an Ottoman province, with a provincial Ottoman elite which was only gradually becoming Egyptian. Part one discusses the creation of a dynastic order in Egypt, especially under Abbas Pasa (1848-1854), and the formation of an Ottoman-Egyptian ruling class. Part two deals with the non-elite groups, the vast majority of Egypt's population. A final chapter offers a convincing picture of the social and cultural life of the period in a way which has never before been attempted in a Middle East context. The author's valuable knowledge of Ottoman and Arabic as well as European documents and his use of a wide variety of sources, including police and court records, chronicles and travel literature, have enabled him to make an important contribution to a neglected period of Egyptian history and indeed to our understanding of other provinces and dependencies in the region.
Category: History

The Egyptians

Author : Sergio Donadoni
ISBN : 0226155552
Genre : History
File Size : 32.61 MB
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This collection of eleven essays presents studies of ancient Egyptians arranged by social type - slaves, craftsmen, priests, bureaucrats, the pharaoh, peasants and women, among others. Each chapter works as a discrete unit, with a great deal of historical detail which is both informative and interesting; for instance, did you know that Egyptian peasants could not afford burial, their bodies instead being abandoned on the desert fringe? Read as a whole, the book creates a larger picture of Egyptian culture, state and society. The framework of the state is a recurrent theme in all the essays; Egypt's meticulous administration and well-organized hierarchical system fostered centuries of stability and prosperity, and we see that each Egyptian `type' is linked by their role within this structure.
Category: History

The Role Of The Lector In Ancient Egyptian Society

Author : Roger Forshaw
ISBN : 1784910325
Genre : Priests
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The lector is first attested during the 2nd Dynasty and is subsequently recognised throughout ancient Egypt history. In previous studies the lector is considered to be one of the categories of the ancient Egyptian priesthood. He is perceived to be responsible for the correct performance of rites, to recite invocations during temple and state ritual, and to carry out recitations and perform ritual actions during private apotropaic magic and funerary rites. Previous treatments of the lector have rarely considered the full extent of his activities, either focusing on specific aspects of his work or making general comments about his role. This present study challenges this selective approach and explores his diverse functions in a wide ranging review of the relevant evidence. Why did he accompany state organised military, trading and mining expeditions and what was his role in healing? In the temple sphere he not only executed a variety of ritual actions but he also directed ritual practices. What responsibilities did he fulfil when sitting on legal assemblies, both temple-based and in the community? Activities such as these that encompassed many aspects of ancient Egyptian life are discussed in this volume.
Category: Priests