An Introduction To Zen Buddhism

Author : D.T. Suzuki
ISBN : 9780802198747
Genre : Religion
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One of the world’s leading authorities on Zen Buddhism, D. T. Suzuki was the author of more than a hundred works on the subject in both Japanese and English, and was most instrumental in bringing the teachings of Zen Buddhism to the attention of the Western world. Written in a lively, accessible, and straightforward manner, An Introduction to Zen Buddhism is illuminating for the serious student and layperson alike. Suzuki provides a complete vision of Zen, which emphasizes self-understanding and enlightenment through many systems of philosophy, psychology, and ethics. With a foreword by the renowned psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung, this volume has been generally acknowledged a classic introduction to the subject for many years. It provides, along with Suzuki’s Essays and Manual of Zen Buddhism, a framework for living a balanced and fulfilled existence through Zen.
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An Introduction To Zen Buddhism

Author : D. T. Suzuki
ISBN : 8087888766
Genre : Religion
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Describe the nature, technique and practice of Zen along with stories over the logic bounds power.
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Zen Buddhism

Author : Peter Pauper Press
ISBN : 1258122049
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With Cuts From Old Chinese Ink Paintings.

Hardcore Zen

Author : Warner Brad
ISBN : 9783899015003
Genre : Religion
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Alles außer Erleuchtung! So könnte man Brad Warners provokatives Zen-Buch umreißen. Hinterfrag' Autorität. Hinterfrag' die Gesellschaft. Hinterfrag' die Realität. Hinterfrag' dich selbst. Hinterfrag' deine Schlussfolgerungen, deine Urteile, deine Antworten. Und wenn du alles gründlich hinterfragt hast, wird dich die Wahrheit vielleicht spontan am Kopf treffen... Aber sie wird nicht das sein, was du erwartest. Ein Buch für eine neue Generation von Buddhisten!
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The Buddha S Golden Path

Author : Dwight Goddard
ISBN : 0757000231
Genre : Religion
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In 1929, when author Dwight Goddard wrote The Buddha’s Golden Path, he was breaking ground. No American before him had lived the life of a Zen Buddhist monk, and then set out to share what he had learned with his countrymen. The Buddha’s Golden Path is a true classic. It has touched countless lives, and opened the door for future generations in this country to study and embrace the principles of Zen.
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Das Wunder Der Achtsamkeit

Author : Thich Nhat Hanh
ISBN : 9783958830967
Genre : Religion
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Das Standardwerk für alle, die wissen wollen, was Meditation wirklich ist und wie man sie in den Alltag integrieren kann. Thich Nhat Hanh zeigt, wie wichtig Achtsamkeit ist, um den Herausforderungen des Lebens gelassen und entspannt zu begegnen. Die 32 Übungen, die er entwickelt hat, helfen, das Wunder der Achtsamkeit in jedem Moment unseres Lebens zu erfahren.
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Opening The Hand Of Thought

Author : Kosho Uchiyama
ISBN : 9780861719778
Genre : Religion
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For over thirty years, Opening the Hand of Thought has offered an introduction to Zen Buddhism and meditation unmatched in clarity and power. This is the revised edition of Kosho Uchiyama's singularly incisive classic. This new edition contains even more useful material: new prefaces, an index, and extended endnotes, in addition to a revised glossary. As Jisho Warner writes in her preface, Opening the Hand of Thought "goes directly to the heart of Zen practice... showing how Zen Buddhism can be a deep and life-sustaining activity." She goes on to say, "Uchiyama looks at what a person is, what a self is, how to develop a true self not separate from all things, one that can settle in peace in the midst of life." By turns humorous, philosophical, and personal, Opening the Hand of Thought is above all a great book for the Buddhist practitioner. It's a perfect follow-up for the reader who has read Zen Meditation in Plain English and is especially useful for those who have not yet encountered a Zen teacher.
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Introduction To Zen Training

Author : Omori
ISBN : 9781136167263
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When Buddha Said that We suffer because of our attachments, he was describing the condition in which we view the world from the perspective of our ego, that part of us that sags fundamentally we are each individual, apart from all that surrounds us. Buddhism in general is a religion that leads to a deeper perspective, that all existence is part of the Whole. While many people find that a meaningful belief, Zen Buddhism takes a slightly different position: don't believe a lofty religious ideal. All of you - flesh and blood, thoughts and emotions - can experience the Whole directly at all times and under all conditions. The process by which this experience unfolds is called Zen training. Introduction to Zen Training is a translation of a text by one of the foremost Japanese Zen teachers of the 20th century, providing an overall view of the nature of this training. Omori Sogen Rotaishi's approach to this training was unique. Having trained rigorously from his youth in Zen, swordsmanship and calligraphy, he became a sword teacher and ultimately advisor to the Japanese Cabinet prior to World War II. Following the war, he became a priest and continued his work as a teacher and court magistrate. His approach to Zen was very direct and physical as befits a martial artist, but he was also known for his compassion. This text was written to both provide a solid introduction to the physical nature of training - how one's breath, pain, posture, drowsiness, state of mind, and physiology all take part- as well as the context in which it takes on meaning. In the first two chapters, he discusses the rationale for zazen, the form of meditation that is the foundation of Zen training. Although seemingly a simple activity, zazen is not just "quiet sitting", and it is valuable to see it so thoroughly defined. The next chapter provides solid instruction in how to sit zazen, how to adjust the breathing, the posture, the state of mind. But this is just a starting point. Introduction to Zen Training is one of the few books to then go on to discuss many of the questions that naturally arise as one begins to train, ranging from how long you should sit at a time to how to maintain concentration when not sitting. As a martial artist, Omori Rotaishi was uniquely able to illustrate his points by drawing upon the vigorous tradition of Zen and the martial arts that flourished during the samurai era. But his scholarship in both Chinese and Japanese Zen is no less informed and he is able to bring alive many of the traditional teaching stories as well. The book ends with commentaries on two Zen texts that help to place all of the instruction into context. Hakuin, the reknown Zen Master of 18th century Japan, wrote the text Zazen Wasan (A Song of Zazen) to make zazen understandable in everyday terms to the common people of his era. Omori Rotaishi takes the same text and makes in meaningful to our era. He finishes by using the traditional Ten Ox-herding Pictures to once again show the rigor and physicality of Zen training. Translation of the text was done by Boy Yoshimato and Hosokawa Dogen Roshi. Yoshimoto was a Ph.D. candidate in Japanese literature at Columbia University and a long-time Zen and sword student at Daihonzan Chozen-ji, the temple founded by Omori Rotaishi in Honolulu, Hawaii. Hosokawa Roshi, dharma successor of Omori Rotaishi, is the Abbot at Daihonzan Chozen-ji. Overall supervision was provided by Tanouye Tenshin Rotaishi, dharma successor of Omori Rotaishi. Tanouye Rotaishi was the first Abbot of Daihonzan Chozen-ji and became Archibishop upon the death of Omori Rotaishi in 1994.
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An Introduction To Zen Buddhism

Author : J.D. Rockefeller
ISBN : 9781519445216
Genre : Religion
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Life is beautiful. But then, there will always be times when you lose track of it. You divert from the path that you have planned to take. You forget the right directions. You become engulfed with all your day to day activities that you simply stop living. And then one day, you wake up only to discover that it is no longer the kind of life that you want. You are no longer the kind of person that you dream to be. You are no longer happy. You are simply a lost soul wandering, not knowing where to go.When you find yourself in this situation, it can all be too tempting to just put up your hands and surrender. However, you don't have to. Instead, you have to stop running and look within yourself because at the end of the day, the solution to your problems all lies within yourself. Not on other people and not on your environment. In this short guide, you will get to learn more about Zen, what it is all about and how it will help you to find your way back to your life, how to be mindful of everything around you and finally, how to be happy. Go ahead and start your journey to a life with more meaning!
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