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A Geography Of Offerings

Author : Richard Bradley
ISBN : 9781785704789
Genre : Social Science
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More than quarter of a century ago Richard Bradley published The Passage of Arms. It was conceived as An Archaeological Analysis of Prehistoric Hoards and Votive Deposits, but, as the author concedes, these terms were too narrrowly focused for the complex subject of deliberate deposition and the period covered too short. A Geography of Offerings has been written to provoke a reaction from archaeologists and has two main aims. The first is to move this kind of archaeology away from the minute study of ancient objects to a more ambitious analysis of ancient places and landscapes. The second is to recognise that problems of interpretation are not restricted to the pre-Roman period. Mesolithic finds have a place in this discussion, and so do those of the 1st millennium AD. Archaeologists studying individual periods confront with similar problems and the same debates are repeated within separate groups of scholars – but they arrive at different conclusions. Here, the author presents a review that brings these discussions together and extends across the entire sequence. Rather than offer a comprehensive survey, this is an extended essay about the strengths and weaknesses of current thinking regarding specialised deposits, which encompass both sacrificial deposits characterised by large quantities of animal and human bones and other collections which are dominated by finds of stone or metal artefacts. It considers current approaches and theory, the histories of individual artefacts and the landscape and physical context of the of places where they were deposited, the character of materials, the importance of animism and the character of ancient cosmologies.
Category: Social Science

A Geography Of Offerings

Author : Richard Bradley
ISBN : 178570477X
Genre :
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A provocative study of current approaches to and theories regarding the character, location, social and physical context and object histories of specialised deposits in the European archaeological record

The Past In Prehistoric Societies

Author : Richard Bradley
ISBN : 9781317797142
Genre : Social Science
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The idea of prehistory dates from the nineteenth century, but Richard Bradley contends that it is still a vital area for research. He argues that it is only through a combination of oral tradition and the experience of encountering ancient material culture that people were able to formulate a sense of their own pasts without written records. The Past in Prehistoric Societies presents case studies which extend from the Palaeolithic to the early Middle Ages and from the Alps to Scandinavia. It examines how archaeologists might study the origin of myths and the different ways in which prehistoric people would have inherited artefacts from the past. It also investigates the ways in which ancient remains might have been invested with new meanings long after their original significance had been forgotten. Finally, the author compares the procedures of excavation and field survey in the light of these examples. The work includes a large number of detailed case studies, is fully illustrated and has been written in an extremely accessible style.
Category: Social Science

Ritual And Domestic Life In Prehistoric Europe

Author : Richard Bradley
ISBN : 9781134282555
Genre : History
File Size : 63.44 MB
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This fascinating study explores how our prehistoric ancestors developed rituals from everyday life and domestic activities. Richard Bradley contends that for much of the prehistoric period, ritual was not a distinct sphere of activity. Rather it was the way in which different features of the domestic world were played out until they took on qualities of theatrical performance. With extensive illustrated case-studies, this book examines farming, craft production and the occupation of houses, all of which were ritualized in prehistoric Europe. Successive chapters discuss the ways in which ritual has been studied, drawing on a series of examples that range from Greece to Norway and from Romania to Portugal. They consider practices that extend from the Mesolithic period to the Early Middle Ages and discuss the ways in which ritual and domestic life were intertwined.
Category: History

The Passage Of Arms

Author : Richard Bradley
ISBN : 052138446X
Genre : History
File Size : 48.25 MB
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A new paperback edition of Richard Bradley's study of the fine objects that were so often buried in hoards or deposited in watery locations such as rivers or bogs. Richard Bradley brings his views up-to-date and answers some of his critics in a new introduction.
Category: History

Deposit Insurance Schemes

Author : Djurdjica Ognjenovic
ISBN : 9783319511436
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 80.85 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book provides a comprehensive overview of funding arrangements for explicit deposit insurance schemes. Responding to international guidelines and best practice, it discusses policy decisions and operational challenges which deposit insurers face in the financial management of ex-ante deposit insurance funds. Numerous examples are provided, and solutions offered on sources and uses of funds, focusing on target and optimal funding. Coverage includes: the role that modern deposit insurance schemes play in ensuring financial stability how to design the main deposit insurance features in order to maximize compliance with international standards the different types of funding and financial planning for deposit insurance methods for setting the target fund size level optimal deposit insurance funding challenges faced by the European Union members following new deposit insurance and bank resolution directives. The book concludes by providing a comprehensive overview of funding issues and recommendations for deposit insurance schemes in the European Union.
Category: Business & Economics

The Lost World Of Old Europe

Author : David W. Anthony
ISBN : 0691143889
Genre : History
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In the prehistoric Copper Age, long before cities, writing, or the invention of the wheel, Old Europe was among the most culturally rich regions in the world. Its inhabitants lived in prosperous agricultural towns. The ubiquitous goddess figurines found in their houses and shrines have triggered intense debates about women's roles. The Lost World of Old Europe is the accompanying catalog for an exhibition at New York University's Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. This superb volume features essays by leading archaeologists as well as breathtaking color photographs cataloguing the objects, some illustrated here for the first time. The heart of Old Europe was in the lower Danube valley, in contemporary Bulgaria and Romania. Old European coppersmiths were the most advanced metal artisans in the world. Their intense interest in acquiring copper, Aegean shells, and other rare valuables gave rise to far-reaching trading networks. In their graves, the bodies of Old European chieftains were adorned with pounds of gold and copper ornaments. Their funerals were without parallel in the Near East or Egypt. The exhibition represents the first time these rare objects have appeared in the United States. An unparalleled introduction to Old Europe's cultural, technological, and artistic legacy, The Lost World of Old Europe includes essays by Douglass Bailey, John Chapman, Cornelia-Magda Lazarovici, Ioan Opris and Catalin Bem, Ernst Pernicka, Dragomir Nicolae Popovici, Michel Séfériadès, and Vladimir Slavchev.
Category: History

An Archaeology Of Natural Places

Author : Richard Bradley
ISBN : 9781135952891
Genre : Social Science
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This volume explores why natural places such as caves, mountains, springs and rivers assumed a sacred character in European prehistory, and how the evidence for this can be analysed in the field. It shows how established research on votive deposits, rock art and production sites can contribute to a more imaginative approach to the prehistoric landscape, and can even shed light on the origins of monumental architecture. The discussion is illustrated through a wide range of European examples, and three extended case studies. An Archaeology of Natural Places extends the range of landscape studies and makes the results of modern research accessible to a wider audience, including students and academics, field archaeologists, and those working in heritage management.
Category: Social Science


Author : Eleanor Ghey
ISBN : 0714118257
Genre : Art
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For centuries people have been hoarding their personal belongings and leaving, after they have gone, a wealth of splendid treasures and magnificent forgotten riches. Over the years, many have been drawn into the excitement of searching for these hidden treasures that might reveal lost histories of an individual, a family or a whole culture. Many of the rarest and most beautiful objects in museum collections today were once deliberately placed in the ground by their owners and never recovered until found by an archaeologist, metal detectorist or, in some cases, just an ordinary passer-by. This book will investigate the most interesting and bountiful hoard discoveries as well as studying the practise of hoarding itself. Exploring the great variety of hoards all the way from Bronze-Age weapon deposits, Greek and Roman coin hoards, impressive Viking wealth, to gold sovereigns hidden in the twentieth century, this book will consider who was responsible for the hoarding, and why they might have been compelled to do so. These motivations may shed light on times of economic upheaval or reveal more complex social and ritual customs. Illustrated with colour photographs that show the appearance of finds at the time of their discovery and the beauty of individual treasures contained within them such as rare coins and exquisite metalwork, this book is the ideal introduction for history enthusiasts or those with an insatiable curiosity for buried treasure.
Category: Art

Neolithic Stepping Stones

Author : Duncan Garrow
ISBN : 1785703471
Genre : Archaeological surveying
File Size : 43.73 MB
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Exploration of key themes concerning the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in the western seaway region of Britian (Channel Islands through to Orkney) focusing on Early Neolithic island settlement bsed on a series of targeted major excavations
Category: Archaeological surveying