A Cultural History Of The Nurse S Uniform

Author : Christina Bates
ISBN : MINN:31951D03427643M
Genre : Social Science
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This first and only in-depth analysis of the attire worn by the largest workforce in the health care system explores the role of the nurse's uniform in creating nursing identity for over a hundred years. The introduction of the nurse's uniform in the late nineteenth century was part of a strategy to legitimize North America's first nursing schools. At first varied and experimental in design, by the early 20th century the uniform was drawing on elements of fashionable, scientific, military and ecclesiastical wear, and had standardized into a blue or pink dress worn with stiffly starched white cap, bib, and apron. This remarkable outfit lasted until the 1970s, when educational and societal changes brought about its demise, and practical scrubs became the most common nursing apparel. Seen through the lens of age, gender, class and race, this book shows how the uniform was an active participant in the changing culture of nursing work and thought. Richly illustrated with images of actual garments and over 150 compelling period photographs, cartoons and drawings, the book explore the uniform within the contexts of hospital, community, nursing school, and residence. A Cultural History of the Nurse's Uniform will appeal to nurses, historians and scholars of dress. "Uniforms are rich in meaning, and Christina Bates does an excellent job of teasing out those meanings. Wisely, she has concentrated on the evidence of actual artifacts, as well as a wide variety of visual and written sources. This spirited and scholarly book makes a significant contribution to the study of dress and society." -Jane Farrell-Beck, Iowa State University "This is a very important book that places the nurse's uniform in the cultural context of school, residence and practice settings. The role of the uniform in nurses' identity is an aspect of nursing that has never before been fully considered. A must-read for historians of nursing. A Cultural History of the Nurse's Uniform will bring back memories for nurses who wore the uniform, and will provide insight to those nurses who came after." -Dr. Meryn Stuart, University of Ottawa
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Hats And Headwear Around The World A Cultural Encyclopedia

Author : Beverly Chico
ISBN : 9781610690638
Genre : Reference
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This concise encyclopedia examines headwear around the world, from ancient times to the modern era, comprising entries that address cultural significance, religion, historical events, geography, demographic and ethnic issues, fashion, and contemporary trends. • Vividly documents the fundamental human experience and universal practice of adorning the head • Highlights the global community and cultural linkages of headwear function, material, and style • Directly relates hats to race, religion, ethnicity, gender, usage, and form • Enables greater understanding of human diversity throughout time by tracing the development of headgear • Provides dozens of sidebars to pique reader interest and offer short, witty, funny, or pertinent content
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This Small Army Of Women

Author : Linda J. Quiney
ISBN : 9780774830744
Genre : History
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With her linen head scarf and white apron emblazoned with a red cross, the Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse, or VAD, has become a romantic emblem of the Great War. This book tells the story of the nearly 2,000 women from Canada and Newfoundland who volunteered to “do their bit” overseas and at home. Well-educated and middle-class but largely untrained, VADs were excluded from Canadian military hospitals overseas (the realm of the professional nurse) but helped solve Britain’s nursing deficit. Their struggle to secure a place at their brothers’ bedsides reveals much about the tensions surrounding amateur and professional nurses and women’s evolving role outside the home.
Category: History

Soap Sex And Cigarettes A Cultural History Of American Advertising

Author : Juliann Sivulka
ISBN : 9781285225661
Genre : Business & Economics
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SOAP, SEX AND CIGARETTES examines how American advertising both mirrors society and creates it. From the first newspaper advertisement in colonial times to today's online viral advertising, the text explores how advertising grew in America, how products and brands were produced and promoted, and how advertisements and agencies reflect and introduce cultural trends and issues. The threads of art, industry, culture, and technology unify the work. The text is chronological in its organization and is lavishly illustrated with advertisements. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Japanese Fashion

Author : Toby Slade
ISBN : 9781847887481
Genre : Design
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Japanese Fashion examines the entire sweep of Japanese clothing history, from the sophisticated fashion systems of late-Edo period kimonos to the present day, providing possible theories of how Japan made this fashion journey and linking current theories of fashion to the Japanese example. The book is unique in that it provides the first full history of the last 200 years of Japanese clothing. It is also the first book to include Asian fashion as part of global fashion as well as fashion theory. It adds a hitherto absent continuity to the understanding of historical and current fashion in Japan, and is pioneering in offering possible theories to account for that entire history. By providing an analysis of how that entire history changes our understanding of the way fashion works, this book will be an essential text for all students of fashion and design.
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Author : Paul Fussell
ISBN : 0618381880
Genre : Design
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Presents a series of anecdotes that tell the history and meaning of American uniforms, identifying their cultural significance in terms of how uniforms unite and divide people as well as how they vary throughout the world. Reprint.
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Die Macht Der N Chstenliebe

Author : Ursula Röper
ISBN : 3170191969
Genre : Religion
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Im Auftrag des Deutschen Historischen Museums und des Diakonischen Werkes der EKD herausgegeben von Ursula Roper und Carola JulligDer vorliegende Band gibt einen umfassenden Einblick in die vielgestaltige 150-jahrige Wirkungsgeschichte der Inneren Mission und Diakonie. Mit jedem ihrer verschiedenen Zeitabschnitte verbinden sich grosse Namen wie Johann Hinrich Wichern, Amalie Sieveking, Theodor Lohmann, Friedrich von Bodelschwingh, Eugen Gerstenmaier, um nur einige zu nennen. Mit profund verfassten Texten eines interdisziplinaren Teams von Diakoniehistorikern, Sozialwissenschaftlern, Kunsthistorikern und Theologen und mit einer Fulle von Dokumenten und Abbildungen, davon viele in Farbe, werden Engagement und Leistungen, durchaus aber auch kritische Phasen der Diakonie eindrucksvoll vor Augen gefuhrt. Es wird deutlich, welchen Anteil die protestantische soziale Bewegung der Inneren Mission und Diakonie an der Entstehung des bundesdeutschen Sozialstaates heutiger Pragung hatte.Es handelt sich um einen unveranderten Nachdruck der Ausgabe zur Ausstellung 1998.
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Venus Im Pelz

Author : Leopold von Sacher-Masoch
ISBN : 9783849683436
Genre : Fiction
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Venus im Pelz ist eine Novelle von Leopold von Sacher-Masoch aus dem Jahre 1870. Sacher-Masoch beschreibt darin die extremen Wechselbäder der Gefühle, die der "Sklave" Severin durch seine Herrin Wanda erfährt, die ihn in ihrer feminin-dominanten Rolle als Venus im Pelz an seine körperlichen und geistigen Grenzen treibt, um ihn schließlich zu verlassen - wegen eigener unbefriedigter Unterwerfungssehnsucht oder aber um ihn von seinem Masochismus zu heilen.
Category: Fiction

Nursing The Image

Author : Julia Hallam
ISBN : 9781134668250
Genre : Medical
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Ideas of 'nursing' and 'nurses' carry a powerful social charge. The image of the nurse continues to be a symbol of caring and of duty at the same time as it projects a view of femininity, 'stereotypical' in its gender relations. How has this image come to be constructed? An empirical investigation of representations of nursing practices in Britain focusing on publicity and promotional materials and their relationship to popular fictional narratives reveals a strong correlation between what are usually described as discrete forms of signification. Recruitment images, provide an important source of information and inspiration for those considering nurse training. Julia Hallam, draws from a wide range of sources including biographies, marketing and recruitment literature, popular fiction and film to explore this question. In doing so she makes an original contribution to the debates surrounding gender and occupational identity. The book will provide a valuable resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students on courses such as the social history of nursing, the understanding of health and illness, women's studies, gender studies and sociology courses.
Category: Medical

Der Bro Code

Author : Barney Stinson
ISBN : 9783864130014
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22.80 MB
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Barney Stinson, Kultfigur der TV-Sitcom "How I Met Your Mother", ist das neue Männervorbild unseres Jahrzehnts und der beste Bro ("Brother") aller Zeiten. Ein Bro ist ein Kumpel, mit dem man durch dick und dünn geht, dem man alles anvertrauen kann und der immer zu einem hält. Für Barney sind seine Bros wichtiger als die große Liebe. Er macht für sie mit nervigen Freundinnen Schluss und klettert auch mal morgens um 4 Uhr verrostete Feuerleitern hinauf, wenn das Mädchen, mit dem sein Bro gerade nach Hause gegangen ist, keine Kondome da hat.
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